Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rainy Wednesday List

I usually blog about running on Wednesdays, but running and I are not friends right now. We are decidedly un-friends for the time being (yes, yes, I'm not smart, I know). And you know what else I’m un-friends with? Today.

Dear December 1, 2010,

We are not friends.



Because on my very short walk to work I go completely soaked from the waist down. An umbrella is not very helpful when the rain is coming sideways.

In light of this most inauspicious day, I am going to make a list because lists are a great way to deal with everything life can possibly throw your way.

Facts of Today (Pros in green, cons in red):

Pro: I opened the first door on my advent calendar this morning (a teddy-bear shaped chocolate).

Pro: I drank coffee with a splash of eggnog. :)

Con: I had to lie down on my bed just before leaving for work to psyche myself up for the day.

Con: It rained so hard that I arrived at my office completely soaked from the waist down, and thoroughly wet from the waist up. (Like I had to wring out my underwear kind of soaked. Sorry - TMI?)

Pro: I had extra clothes in my desk from yesterday. (This fact totally saved my life. Dry pants = Hallelujah!)

Con: My run lasted 23 minutes last night.

Pro: My run was followed by collard greens, black bean salad, chicken caesar salad and corn bread at Rocklands Barbeque (all hail the Sides Platter!) with 6x6, SpeedyKate, and Jessica.

Con: I spent an hour this morning at a timekeeper training meeting.

Pro: There was coffee and pastries at the aforementioned meeting.

Pro: This list looks Christmas-y.

Pro: Pictures of soaking wet pets amuse me.

And now I feel better. Because all told, my day really isn’t that bad.

Hope you’re having a happy Wednesday!