Friday, April 1, 2011

Best of the Week #14

It’s been quite the week in the Eat Run Read world. I ran the Tidal Basin, prepared for the Newbie to come run Cherry Blossom, and discovered an amazing Korean place called Mandu ($3 for 6 dumplings at happy hour!).

My most popular post was the Red Velvet Brownies (well duh, they were delicious!). 

Today I am running around like a headless chicken...but that's just how some Fridays go, so without any further ado, here we have the Best of the Week!

The big news is, dun dun dunnnnnn...I'm featured on Metrocurian today! So go there and read my 5 Bites!

If I were a sheep, I'd want to be this sheep, aka the happiest sheep in the world! Do you think he ran all the way down that road?

Can your personality be determined by your favorite snack? I think YES! Take the test, I'm a tortilla chip. 

If you're at a crossroads, wondering (like so many people of my generation) what you should do with your life, go here, it might tell you. Apparently I should "live in a yurt," "become a roadie," or "work at a summer camp!" Alright...if you say so...

I lose things all the time. I mean, literally, I have my phone/keys/metro card in my pocket and I get a spasm of OMG I lost it! and have to look everywhere. This site can't help you with your keys or your cards, but your phone it can find!

Natalie's Killer Cuisine posted an awesome photo project, "The Painted Ladies." So when you look at these images. I don’t want you to see a bunch of pretty girls with paint on their face, but see their face in the paint. The paint represents them, at that moment, on that Sunday.

Your next new car hopefully won't be a lemon. But it could be a pineapple or a banana. That's because scientists in Brazil have developed a more effective way to use fibers from these and other plants in a new generation of automotive plastics that are stronger, lighter, and more eco-friendly than plastics now in use.

This is how I feel. And if it's not I'm upset!

Best of luck to everyone running Cherry Blossom this Sunday! I will be cheering from Memorial Bridge, so hope to see everyone there!