Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Report: Hula Hooping

LOTR-Emily is my ridiculous fitness friend. We’ve been doing Bikram Yoga together for over a year. And then there was that time with the Bollywood workout videos in my living room. And I’ve promised go to salsa and swing dancing with her…though I’m intimidated by her skills.

This weekend we took it to a whole new level – Hula Hoop Class. That is exactly what you think it is – me and LOTR-Emily, plus 2 teachers in a classroom, all hula hooping for an hour on Sunday afternoon. Well duh! (If Michelle can do it, so can we!)

We’re doing a 5 day trial membership to the excessively swanky MINT Fitness Club/Urban Retreat (note that “gym” is not used…this place is far too classy for such a word). There’s calming music, mint flavored ice water in pitchers, Filter coffee (yum!), mouthwash, razors, and nail files in the locker rooms! A month’s membership is well above my food budget…which might be why people there are so thin?

Anywho, we’re taking full advantage of our 5 days in workout paradise by signing up for every class possible. We saw Joyful Hoops: Hula Hoop Dance on the schedule, looked at each other, and immediately knew where we would be at 12:30 on Sunday.
Explore the JOY of movement … and Hula Hooping!! This class blends yoga, movement and hoops! Learn movement styles and hooping techniques and patterns that use your arms, legs, hips and hands. You'll expand your neuro-pathways, increase brain health, and laugh a lot while discovering the playfulness of your own true nature. Hoops will be provided, so bring nothing but the willingness to have a GREAT time. No Hooping or yoga experience necessary! Hoops available at MINT for practice.
Like many things I do, I just said yes without thinking. Thinking about the fact that I cannot hula hoop. That I have never been able to hula hoop. Ever. Thus, when confronted with a hoop and just LOTR-Emily and I in the class (nowhere to hide!), I momentarily freaked out…then got over it, took a deep breath, and committed.

And guess what? I can hula hoop! I'm no forensic scientist, it’s just a matter of focus. I can keep it looping around my waist for an indefinite amount of time, and I can do it clockwise and counter-clockwise! 

No one was more surprised than I about this newfound ability. It’s only a matter of time before I put on my muumuu and head for the drum circle to hula hoop with the best of them! (Haha just kidding.) (Well, never say never…)

This morning we did Ultimate Bootcamp: Power Hour. At 6:30 am…there’s nothing like waking up with a few sets of burpees! I look forward to the soreness tomorrow (I cringe just thinking about the last time I took a bootcamp class). And tonight we’re doing Zumba, “a mixture of body sculpting movements and easy to follow dance steps” – should be fun!

If you're in the DC area and want to experience MINT for yourself, go here for your own 5-days free. I'll see you next to the hula hoops!