Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Report: Lounging in the Park and Easter Eggs

Lying around my apartment all day makes me feel guilty – like a tv-watching lazy bum who should be out and about. But lounging in the park all day is a different story entirely – that’s doing something! 

On Sunday I went to Meridian Hill Park, listened to the drum circle, read a book, finished 2 crosswords, studied Swahili, and worked on my tan – makes me sound productive right? Look at all those verbs! 

(This is the view from lying on my back, looking up through the branches.)

The day before on Saturday I did quite a bit of apartment lounging, but it was after a 10-miler with my team, so I felt totally ok with it. 6x6 and I have been running about 11 miles every weekend, slowly fighting our way into shape. We meet on New Hampshire Ave. and chug along for an hour and 40 minutes. But this week I felt ambitious enough to run with SpeedyKate. That lasted all of 4 miles, at which point I realized that 7:45-minute-pace was not sustainable for me quite yet. I slowed down but still had a good run, finishing my 10 in about 85 minutes.  After the run I returned home and Comcast finally came (hallelujah!), enabling me to watch 3 episodes of Top Model in a row…(don’t judge).

I awoke to a hot Easter Sunday here in DC, perfect weather for church, brunch, and a day at the park. LLC, PhotoMan, LOTR-Emily, 6x6, and I did brunch at Tonic in Foggy Bottom – LLC and I split a mushroom omelet (meh, a bit over cooked), and Challah French Toast (huge and yum!).

Then it was off to Meridian Hill Park – us and the rest of Northwest DC put on some shorts and attempted to do something about our extreme winter whiteness.

And when I got home, exhausted from the sun, I was excited to see my roommate setting up everything necessary for dying Easter Eggs. Easter Egg hunts give me anxiety (flashbacks to my childhood), but egg dying is creative and crafty and fun. 

And Easter Egg dye has come a long way since my sisters and I put a few drops of food coloring in water and created patterns with rubber bands – we had metallic and stickers and marbled egg dye.

I’m almost embarrassed at how proud I am about our results…anyone have a good Deviled Egg recipe? 

Oh, and the Funfetti Cakeballs were amazing. Obviously! (More on those later.)

Hope you had a good weekend too!