Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Report: Ryan Gosling, Zac Brown Band, and Obama

Was my weekend as star-studded as this post's title makes it sound? Yes. As a matter of fact it was!

Saturday morning LLC and I met up for a morning movie in Georgetown. We saw the new Ryan Gosling/George Clooney political thriller, "Ides of March." The Post review I read beforehand criticized the movie for being "so well directed and acted" and "brimming with the kind of political argot...that Aaron Sorkin turned into such soaring poetry in 'The West Wing.'"  

Personally, I see nothing wrong with either of those things. Done and done - I really enjoyed it! (Plus, I could probably watch Ryan Gosling just sitting on a couch for an hour and 40 minutes and be completely there's that.) (Have you seen this site? Hilarious.)

Post-movie LLC and I hit up Sprinkles for some free cupcakes (follow them on twitter - it's totally worth it!), and a B&W coffee in the sunshine. 

Saturday night was the real highlight of the weekend. I met up with two country-loving friends for a Zac Brown Band concert in Virginia. I don't think words can express how much I love ZBB. A lot. A lot a lot! The weather was perfect, the concert was amazing. 

After almost every song we looked at each other and said something along the lines of "They are so good!/This is so much fun!/I love them!/I'm so glad we're here!"

Listen to this and this and this...and tell me you don't like them? I just don't think it's possible. 

Eat Run Read PSA for you: Do you know about GrooveShark? It's kind of like Pandora, but you can choose to listen to only one artist, or make playlists of multiple artists. And there are no commercials. I'm not sure how it's still legal...but just go with it and take advantage while you can! (Clearly I just "play all" on ZBB's page.) It might change your music-listening life. 

Sunday was everything I want in fall weather, so around noon I went for a run. I ran down to the Mall, planning to do a loop around the Tidal Basin. As I approached, I noticed crowds and crowds of people. Then, through the faint music of my ipod I heard President Obama's voice over loudspeakers. The MLK Memorial dedication! I stopped my watch, duck-and-weaved my way through the masses, and saw the second half of Obama's dedication speech.  

Sunday afternoon I continued in my fall-appreciation-mode and spent a few hours reading outside at the Meridian Hill Park drum circle. It was a bit calmer than usual - I think people forget about it once summer ends - but the drums were as loud as ever and provided a nice rhythm to back up my Three Musketeers reading. 

I finished off my fabulous weekend with some yoga and spent 90 minutes daydreaming about various things. (Ahem, I mean're not supposed to daydream in yoga.)

Hope you had a fantastic fall weekend too!