Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Report: Eggs and Pool and Soccer

In case you can’t tell from my elaborate and prolific Weekend Reports, I love weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my weeks too, but there’s something truly wonderful about 6pm Friday through Sunday: 48 hours of 100% Mollie-time in which I have no real responsibilities or obligations and  I can do whatever I want.

And this weekend was the epitome of that principle. I started Friday (which was record breaking temperature-wise) with some evening pool lounging in Foggy Bottom with LLC. I’m pretty sure that 6-8pm is the most magical time to be pool-side – it’s still hot but not brutally sunny and the pool area is almost empty except for the most dedicated loungers (i.e. my favorites to people-watch).

I was comfortably couching by the time the storm hit. At first I glanced out the window – oh it’s kinda windy out there. A few minutes later the lightning and thunder and downpour began. Unlike far too many people in the area, my power stayed on, so I had no idea how bad the storm was until I left my apartment the next morning. Trees down, cars crushed, and power-lines out…it’s pretty surreal to wake up to a beautiful summer morning and see so much destruction.

(This is right by my apartment.)
But our summertime plans were undeterred – LORT-Emily, 6x6, and I headed to LLC’s apartment where she cooked us a most glorious leisurely brunch.

First course: coffee and peaches and raspberries.
Second course: Yotam Ottolenghi's Skillet-Baked Eggs with Arugula, Garlic Greek Yogurt, and Sage Butter, lox, and sourdough toast.
Third course: Rustic Rhubarb Tarts.
(I think one of the reasons I love weekends so much is that weekends tend to involve brunch.)

By 3pm we rolled ourselves to the pool for an afternoon of lounging and napping and sitting in the water (the best thing ever is the every-30-minutes “kids break” because yay we’re not kids, so double-yay we get the shallow end to ourselves for 15 minutes!).

I felt like quite the sloth on Sunday – I slept in until 11 am!!! I NEVER sleep that late. It was glorious. But I redeemed myself for my laziness by heading to my local indoor pool for a 60-minute pool run (note that this was a pool workout, no lounging included).

At 2:45 I met up with LOTR-Emily and a group of friends to watch the final Euro game. It was ungodly hot and sweaty on the patio of Biergarten Haus (if we look over-heated it’s because we are) but I managed to pay enough attention to see every goal Spain scored – yay!

And that, my friends, was that. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend too!