Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Report: Happy Bastille Day, Climbing, and Biking

Well happy Monday to you!

I had a truly excellent weekend – the perfect balance of activity and lounging and exercise and sleeping. Friday night I introduced yet another co-worker to the wonders of Francis Pool. After a loooooong week there is nothing that generates relaxation as immediately as floating in water as the sun sets.

In all my excitement about running again, I kind of forgot that I’m supposed to be taking things slow avoid the dreaded too-much-too-soon injury phenomenon. Therefore, I did not run this weekend. Instead I climbed for an epic 3 hours (16 climbs – i.e. a lot) Saturday afternoon, and biked 48 miles on Sunday. Yes, yes, I know that doesn’t sound like “taking things slow” by any normal definition…but it’s not running, so work with me here.

Saturday’s climbing excursion was not to the outdoors (we decided it would be too hot). Instead, my little climbing club ventured all the way to Rockville to climb at Earthtreks, the largest rock gym in the country. After climbing we embraced the suburban-ness of the location and went to get absolutely amazing tacos at a hole-in-the-wall strip mall taco shop. It felt like California and made me excessively happy.

Saturday night I celebrated Bastille Day with my francophone friend LOTR-Emily and her boyfriend.

Nous nous sommes assis sur son toit tout en mangeant une tarte aux prunes. C'était fantastique. Bonne Fête Nationale! (We sat on her roof while eating a plum tart. It was fantastic. Happy Bastille Day!)

Sunday the aforementioned biking happened. Per DC usual, it was HOT, so I tried to be smart about the procedure and stopped at every water fountain along the 3 hour and 45 minute way. However, despite all precautions taken, when I got home I definitely had to guzzle almost a gallon of liquid and lay on my floor until I felt human again.

Once life returned to my limbs, LOTR-Emily and I tested a new fro-yo place on Barracks Row. 32 Below was surprisingly AMAZING. I had Irish Mint and Chocolate with brownie and nuts on top – ummm hello delicious!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!