Friday, July 6, 2012

Best of the Week #66

Hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July week! Here’s how my 4th went down:

I made these Greek Yogurt Pancakes – one batch with blue cheese and swiss chard, and one batch with fresh peaches. Yummm. (Not pictured: the syrup I covered them in...both varieties go surprisingly well with maple!)

And LLC brought a brunchy wild rice salad with strawberries and feta. Again, yummmm.

As planned we watched the fireworks from the Mall between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial -- there may have been sweat dripping down my back but the fact that I could feel the fireworks reverberating in my chest made it all worth it.

In the spirit of transparency, this is how we look when we're overheated. I will have none of your judgment – here in DC we’re facing the worst heat wave ever and coping accordingly. (The heat index for the day was well over 100 degrees.)

Ok moving on, 300 people googled “slutty brownies” to end up on my blog this week. I can just see the 4th of July barbeque sugar comas…

And now a few links to get you through your Friday.

I’ve been lunch break shopping quite a bit recently…bought this dress and this dress from Anthro, and these shorts in blue and orange and this swim suit from Forever 21. I am holding to a strict no-pants policy until September.

I like this post because a) stuffed squash blossoms sound delicious; b) I’ve never had squash blossoms; and c) the first instruction is to “Emasculate your squash blossoms” and like the 10-year-old I am that makes me giggle.

This is insanely cool. You have to go to the site to watch the video: “Vertical ship marks 50 years at sea
  • FLIP, or Floating Instrument Platform, is owned by the US Navy, and flips from horizontal to a vertical position by pumping 700 tonnes of seawater into the 'handle' end.
  • Everything on board is designed to flip along with the ship, including beds, ketchup and other condiments, and even the bathroom sinks.
An excellent made up statistic:

What the what??? Roast garlic in the microwave. I want this now please.

I’m not sure where I fall in this debate, but an interesting point: “War is easier when it’s all dudes?
  • Is it weird to use rebel groups to inform thinking about US military policy? Maybe. But if ill-trained, resource-poor rebel groups can implement the training necessary to overcome any issues women’s inclusion in combat troops may create, presumably an organization as professionalized as the US military can do so as well.
Go Petaluma? (i.e. my hometown) "World's Ugliest Dog: The Evolution of Mugly's Frightful Features."
  • Almost every year for the past decade, a Chinese crested has won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California. This year was no exception.
How the world looks for animals: “Animal colour through animal eyes.”

"Get to Know Your U.S. Gymnastics Team Through GIFs"
  • Gymnastics is one of those Olympics sports that lots of people watch every four years, meaning whatever happens during the competition is exciting and surprising but also confusing. Who are these women? Which one is the underdog? The veteran? Who is good at what thing? How can I tell when a flippy thing was good? Relax. Let the expert fans at The Atlantic Wire explain. 
True love would be someone who makes me creative pancakes. Right???

Two excellent videos here. The first video -- "Speed Dating" -- might depress you. But then you can watch dogs performing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and that will cheer you up! Word of the Day - mumpsimus: using an erroneous use of language, out of habit or obstinacy.

I really like this song. "Walk the Moon." by Anna Sun.

"All The Presidents’ Menus." I was hoping to be able to say “If I were a president eating, I would be _____. But honestly, I don’t’ identify with ANY of their tastes. Wtf is chipped beef and why do so many people like it???
  • Barack Obama: Nachos and guacamole, chili, burgers, Green Dragon and Black Forest Berry Honest Tea, Planter’s trail mix, pistachios, almonds, water, Dentyne Ice, Nicorette, MET-Rx protein bars, apples, broccoli, and spinach.
  • James Garfield: Squirrel soup, fresh bread, milk, tea mashed potatoes, parsnips, and Garfield pie (made with apples, not the cat). He willingly ate all foods save for oatmeal: “Told that Indian leader Sitting Bull was starving himself to protest his imprisonment, Garfield said, ‘Let him starve.’ Then he thought for a moment and said, ‘Oh no, send him my oatmeal.’”
"A look at the two fishing cat kittens, the first to be successfully bred at the zoo.I think I’m overdue for a zoo trip – who’s with me???

Stay cool and have a great weekend!