Thursday, June 3, 2010

Florida Vacation, Continued

6x6 and I are not quite “normal” 20-somethings on a Florida vacation. There was no wild Miami clubs, no fruity beverages, and no vacation flings...but the old person thing kind of fits our style. We started our days with some pooling (much like the elderly classic – water aerobics!), followed by an afternoon of lounging/reading on the couch, at the beach, by the pool, back to the couch, and then a wild evening of dinner, movie/beach walk, sleep. Most of this done in our newly-acquired muumuus. Obviously. (A truly glorious piece of clothing. The best $14 I've spent in quite a while!)

And the beach. Oh the beach! I didn't see an ocean once last summer, which is appalling, considering that I really am a beach person at heart. Beach walks (along with long runs) are just something my family does on a regular basis. But this whole Atlantic thing kind of throws me (not to be an onoxious California snob, but it does!).

Two examples come to mind:

At aforementioned oldster pool party, 6x6 and I were discussing our evening plans while bobbing in the deep end. Lou asked what us “young things” were getting up to that evening, so I told him our plans of lying on the beach to watch the sunset followed by Cuban food.

Well darling, that sounds lovely, except for if you’re on the beach you won’t see any sunset. Because the sun does not set over the Atlantic. What!?! Oh yeah. Silly me.

Also, when in the water (which was necessary about every 20 minutes – that Florida sun is HOT!), I kept a paranoid look-out for deep sea creatures out to get me. Until I realized that there really aren’t any. (My greatest fear is sharks. I know the chances of getting chomped are extremely slim, but I do come from a place where Great White shark attacks are in the realm of possibility. But not in Florida!)

Mmmm, and let's talk for a moment about Florida food. Key Lime pie. Yes please! We went to the Old Key Lime House which is on the Intercoastal (a kind of ocean-connected river thing running parallel to the beach inland just a bit). It was delish!

Anywho, by the end of Day 2, we were so thoroughly burned we could barely move. I tried not to whine, because all I heard was my mama’s voice in my head: Oh Mollie, that wasn’t very smart of you.

I know, I know! And now every movement hurts. Waistbands are not an option...if someone pinched me I would cry...I can’t even do my 20-minute run because the thought of putting on a sports bra is not ok! (Ok, pity party over.)

We drove down to Miami for a day, just to see what it was like. We hit up Little Havana for a cultural experience and authentic Cuban food (plantains, fried yucca, beans and rice), and then South Beach for an entirely different kind of cultural experience (we saw the new Sex and the City movie. Cringe. Don't do it.)

Overall, it was a great weekend. I'm back in DC, still can't wear real pants...but I'm contemplating how I can become a professional vacationer...hmmmm...any ideas?