Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Report: Going Away Party


Why I am I so excited about a day that is usually a downer? Well it’s my last Monday at work, I had a super-fun going away party this weekend, and I just went on a bike ride, and I’m breakfasting on a muffin and strong black coffee, and the sun is shining and pretty much everything is wonderful.

Saturday was rain-stormy and humid and muddy, but that didn’t stop me from spending the day out biking (per my recent non-running usual). Andy and I biked to Mt. Vernon and back, and let me tell you friends, those wooden bridges are SLIPPERY when wet. I was biking carefully, slowing down as I approached each bridge, until...

On the very last one, about a half-mile from Mt. Vernon, I heard Andy go down behind me. Of course I looked back, breaked, and my bike immediately slid out from under me and I hit the ground hard. There we were, two bikers on our backs on the bridge, bikes in varying stages of de-chained disarray around us, clutching our bruised knees and elbows and laughing hysterically. We got up, got back on, and were immediately warned by a passing biker, “Watch out, the ground is pretty slippery.” Thank you sir…we got it. 

[Andy: Why is it that every time I hang out with you I end up covered in mud? Dirt biking, the relay, and now today. Me: I don't know...apparently I have that effect on people?]

I was pretty tired after the biking, but I had a party to prep for! It was a joint John’s birthday/graduation and me-leaving celebration hosted at my apartment. I baked a flourless chocolate cake and banana blondies (recipes to come), SpeedyKate and I cleaned up and moved our furniture out of the way, John brought us a big bag of awesomeness from Chinatown Express for party snacks, and done! Party ready!

I completely failed at taking pictures, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say that everyone looked great and had a good time.

Sunday was pretty post-party lazy. I puttered around until it was time for an hour and a half of heated flow yoga, which oommmmggggg Edwin, you kill me every time. I wish I could report that I’m getting better at non-bikram yoga…but I don’t think I am. I can do chataranga now though, and I hate my life a little bit less in downward-facing dog, so I guess those are wins!

Then my friends and I tried to see The Great Gatsby, but turns out arriving 20 minutes before the movie starts on opening weekend does not go so well. So we got fro-yo instead and called it a night.