Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Report: Jess Gets Married!

This weekend key components of BU Cross Country and Track reconvened in Boston for the super-exciting long-awaited event of Jess and Zac's wedding!

Back story: They met in February 2006 at the Valentine Invitational Indoor Track Meet (let's take a moment: awwwwww), and have been dating pretty much ever since. We were all there when it started (Jess: What do you think of that UMass boy over there? Introduce me!), and I'm happy to report that many of us were there to celebrate with them this weekend.

The center pieces involved vegetables, well duh.
This is the 4th BU runner wedding, and as always, it was SO MUCH FUN! Teammates came from Colorado, New Hampshire, Texas, and Toronto -- people need to keep getting married so we can all see each other more often...

I happen to find myself in the position of sole Boston(ish) local (besides Jess and Zac of course), so my house is the guest house! Amy arrived from Colorado and John from DC on Friday night. We went to dinner at Redbones, a well-reviewed barbecue place in Davis Square that definitely lives up to the hype!

Oh hello Pulled Pork Sandwich!
Then Saturday morning Abbey came in from Colorado on a red-eye before we met up with Camille (from Texas, representing the non-distance runner side of the team) to all drive to Amherst. 

The weather was perfect and they had a beautiful ceremony outside...

...followed by an awesome dance party reception inside that may or many not have involved jumping up and down like crazy people for five hours straight, fueled by regular trips to the Candy Bar and Dessert Table.

Jess looked beyond beautiful of course. And considering that she and I email and text pretty much constantly, I feel like I have been IN her and Zac's relationship since the beginning. So excited for them!

And though the wedding may have ended Saturday night, the weekend of fun continued through Sunday! A group of us headed back to Boston to take advantage of the glorious weather downtown. 

We got pizza at Upper Crust, walked to the Harbor, walked all the way to the Bunker Hill Monument along the Freedom Trail (Why? Because why not?), and then hit up Border's in Harvard Square, just for old time's sake. It was a pretty epic and awesome day. 

Amy and Abbey, back in their natural habitat.
Weekends like this make me so happy to be back in Boston, and so sooo happy to have such silly friends! Also, again (how many times can I say this in this post?) SO HAPPY FOR JESS AND ZAC!