Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Report: My New Rock Gym!

Well friends, I think I just found my home away from home (...away from home away from home? California, DC, Somerville, Brooklyn Boulders, if that makes sense?). Anywho, you get what I mean: I found a rock gym that is amazing and I plan on kinda sorta living there for the semester.

It's brand new, just mile and a half from my apartment. I'm not saying Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is why I chose to get my master's at Fletcher...but I'm also not saying it wasn't a significant check in the pro column. (Are you confused yet? How many negatives can I fit into one sentence? I swear, grad school might be making me dumber.)

There's climbing and bouldering well duh, and also auto-belays so if I want to (/have to) climb alone I can! And yoga classes! And a gym! And wi-fi and a cafe and couches! So I plan on some doing combination of climbing and studying there on a regular basis. Now really, who wants to come climbing with me?

OH and guess what else? I got a bike! The bike I rode in DC actually belonged to SpeedyKate, so upon returning from my travels, I found myself in Massachusetts bikeless and in desperate need of wheels. 

Let me tell you guys, there is nothing like the freedom that comes with having a bike! Want to go on a ride? In. Need to go to the store? No problem. To the rock gym? Be there in five! I feel like I am all of a sudden free free free from my 2-mile walking radius of Davis Square and it is glorious. Clearly I tested out my bike yesterday evening. The plan was a casual cruise along the Minuteman Bike Path...which of course turned into a 22.5-mile, one hour and 40 minutes ride (to the end of the trail at Bedford and back). It was so nice!

After two weeks of pre-session class, one week of orientation, and around 60 hours of group project work time (for serious), school ACTUALLY starts this week. Yay? (I don't know. I'll be at the rock gym.)