Friday, March 19, 2010


This is my Friday Guest Blogger, The Newbie:

Wooooosaaaahhhh. The beauty of blogging today is that I get to take a moment and think about running alongside thousands of others in 2 days...that I will soon get an opportunity and a day to try something new.

It definitely makes me feel *warm fuzzies* inside to remember the slow yet wonderful ascent of my training. I am in constant awe of how the human body functions and adapts to everything that you put it through! My work life has taken over a much larger part of my mental and emotional spheres in the past few months, and that has increased my stress levels tremendously. But as my friend says, running is great because for those minutes that you're out on a run, you don't have to think about anything else but your running. You cannot beat yourself up over not doing anything else because you're running, and in that moment---that's all you can ask of yourself. As much as this experience has been a self-challenge, it's also been my foxhole to hide out in when the going has been rough. 

This Sunday, I’m running the NY Half Marathon!

It's going to be a beautiful course: start in Central Park surrounded by the beginnings of spring…run through Times Square without the throngs of tourists and just take in the sights from a different view…and then soar down the West Side Highway with views of the Hudson all along the way to the Financial District. Afterwards my fellow-racer and I plan to completely let ourselves go at La Palapa, a gorgeous Mexican restaurant, with a bunch of friends! And then later reward ourselves with some amazing desserts at Momofuku Milk Bar

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous. All I can say is: no way! I've stuck with the running plans that my AWESOME COACH-FROM-AFAR (Editor's note: aww, isn't she sweet???) has given me. I've got my outfit (Nikes, lime green shorts, depending on how cold it is in the a.m.---a black short sleeve or grey long sleeve, and my black baseball cap) and my pre-runs and meals planned. 

Along the way I've learned about my body, about the sport and even ran in a few small races leading up to this weekend. I'm not out to set a record or win it, but I'm there to finish and to finish strong. I'm there to enjoy the experience to its fullest and just have fun!  All I feel is ready and excited. I can't wait to just get out there.

Much love and happy running,