Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekend Report: Dessert Party - Take 4!

We did it again. And it was glorious!

Just a little over a year ago, one of my fabulous friends came up with an idea that has been rocking our world ever since. Dessert Party. Why didn’t we think of this earlier? (Refer back to this post to learn the Dessert Party rules.)

Since that moment of staggering genius, we have now had 4 dessert parties. Four times we have exchanged countless emails planning our desserts. Four times we have gone into near-hysterics in excitement the night before. Four times we have donned our spandex in anticipation of the dessert food-baby to come. Four times we have loaded plate after plate with a variety of such sweet goodness seldom seen in one location. And four times we have laid on the floor, sugar-coma’ed to the max.

The first Dessert Party was for Erin (of the Cake Flavoring Oil) and Ellie's (of my beautiful blog banner) 21st birthday.  Some people drink…we eat cake. Then I hosted one to celebrate my graduation. You may remember, back in October, I trekked to Boston for the sole purpose of eating absurd quantities of cake in honor of Jess’s birthday. And finally, as the year comes full-circle, I again traveled to Boston for Erin and Ellie’s birthday. Each Dessert Party has been unique (we don’t waste time with repeats)...and all have been awesome.

This time, I made German Chocolate Whoopie Pies (more on that tomorrow).

Jess made THE Red Velvet White Chocolate Cheesecake (we have been ogling this recipe for months!)

Erin bought a cake from Sweet Cupcakes, and made a Sugar Cookie Cake.

What else? Well…

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Pecan Pie

Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Almond Butter Cookies


As we lolled around the apartment, declaring that we couldn’t possibly fit in another bite…in walked a gorgeous orange cheesecake. OMG. I waited almost a half-hour…then went for it. I mean, how could I resist something so beautiful? And it was totally worth the border-line sugar-sickness. Mmmmmmmm.

Not that I usually advocate for gluttony…but we do work out a lot…and well, sometimes you just have to do it. As I’ve explained before: Dessert Party = no limits and no judgement! Yum!