Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Florida Vacation: We are 88 years old

I’m back from vacation, and OH MAN it was glorious. 6x6 and I went to stay with her aunt in Florida for 3 days because, well, why not?

I’ll chalk this one up to Places I Never Imagined I’d Be. A retirement community in Delray Beach Florida. And even better, on the beach in Boca Raton (Seinfeld? Anyone? Anyone?). It was so much fun!

We started by getting ourselves some fabulous muumuus, just to blend in with the rest of the over-50 crowd. Obviously. (Pictures to come, I promise!)

On our first afternoon we attended a retirement community pool party. Yes. That’s right. They order sandwiches for a 4pm dinner and the women all bring slaw/salad/cookies and just chat the afternoon away in the Florida sun.

The old people (elderly? What is PC here?), love to do the “old person pool bob.” That means that they all get in the poll, sit on their noodles, and bob up and down in the shallow end, talk-talk-talking for hours on end. (And it turns out hat 6x6 was born to bob! Who knew?)

And then dun dun dunnnnn...drama at the pool.

While the bobbing contingent chatted about the best potato salad recipe, their grandchildren, etc., one particularly adventurous oldster detached himself from the throng to swim a “lap” into the deep end of the pool. Pandemonium ensues.

Lou! Lou! Somebody stop him! Lou! He has his hearing aid in! Somebody stop him! Shrieks a very tan very blonde formerly-of-NJ woman.

Another equally tan, blonde, accented retiree makes a lunge at Lou, only to be deterred by her noodle.

Lou! Oh my goodness! Lou! LOU!

Finally Lou of the large belly and dark tan pops his head up.

Lou:What? What’s going on?

Your hearing aid! You have your hearing aid in!

Lou: Oh, dang it.

I hear the woman turn back to the rest of the pod. Oy vey. He can’t hear a thing, but those hearing aids can’t get wet!

Crisis averted. 6x6 and Mollie remain on lounge chairs next to the pool...working our way through chips, guacamole, diet coke, and books.

To be continued...