Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekend Report: Baseball and the Beach

Per usual, it was a weekend of manymanymany things!

Friday was slightly less relaxing than I would have hoped. The squirrels in my attic are back! (No – that’s not code for anything. There are actual squirrels in my attic.) The “Humane Exterminators” supposedly solved this problem a couple weeks ago, but to quote one of my roommates:

REALLY LOUD wheezing, erratic scampering.  Basically it sounds like one or more of them is dying [inhumanely].  There could be others around that aren't dying because i heard some "normal" scampering too.  The one that's dying a slow and horrible death is doing it directly above my bed. welp, that's the squirrel update!

Once I dealt with the whole squirrel situation (i.e. called the exterminators and had them tell me in a very round-about way that there is nothing they can do), I moved on to football-watching. (Let’s all just take a moment to agree that the US was robbed by that bad call in the game against Slovenia!) Eventually I felt the urge to leave my apartment, but quickly regretted that decision when I realized that it was hotter than the surface of the sun outside.

Friday evening I continued my sports spectating with the Nats game against the White Sox. (Obama was there!) It was actually really fun! The last baseball game I went to was forever ago – my family likes going to Giants games, but whenever I go it’s extremely boring, low-scoring, and many many many extra innings. The Nats lost…but the game was followed by some pretty impressive fireworks, so that made up for it.

Saturday was supposed to be the most awesomely epic country music experience ever…but then it was canceled! Due to "sickness"!!! WTF!?!?! I can’t even talk about, I was so disappointed. To fill the country void, I went for a long run (YAY), hit up a couple Farmer’s Markets, and then met some friends at Eastern Market. 

LLC cooked a pretty kick-a Chinese dinner. (One of these days we'll get Photoman at one of her dinner extravaganzas, and then you'll be able to drool over the awesomeness that is LLC's wok-cooking!)

Sunday…well, Sunday is best captured by this country song (please click on that link!). We planned a trip to the beach, but the beach we wanted to go to was 3 hours away…which is a bit far for a day trip…so we made do with Fairview “beach.” It feels more like a lake, but it's kinda on the Potomac, but you can go in the water, and there is sand…so basically, good enough for me!

We thought it’d be crowded, I mean, Father’s Day, right? In my family, we mark the day with a beach walk at Bolinas while my dad goes surfing (I don’t – shark attack is the last way I want to die), usually followed by fish and chips of some sort. Happy Father’s Day Daddy-O! But apparently Virginians don’t do the same. Besides, a beach walk on this beach would take all of 1 minute. (Soooo basically this is me, missing CA….)

As you know, I am quite the pro at lying in the sun, reading my book, and jumping in when I get too hot. (And this time without burning off my skin - I may or may not still be peeling from Florida!) So rednecks and all, it was pretty awesome.

Countdown is on – 5 days 'till next weekend!