Monday, June 14, 2010

The Weekend Report: Bacon Birthday Party

DC made a valiant attempt to kill me with Africa-style heat this weekend. But damnit, I will not let soaring temps destroy my fun!
First of all, I made the executive decision to get into "le football," because DC certainly does. They put up big screens in Dupont Circle, and sports bars had lines around the block. Not that I'm much of a soccer fan...but now I'm all about the World Cup!

I want an
African team to win (shocking, I know), and the CS Monitor says that Ghana, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast are my best bets. I'm also supporting Honduras, for family that's that. (To learn how the World Cup tournament works, go here.)

And then on Sunday, I went to a
Bacon Birthday Party. I'm not even kidding. Brought to us by the same people who hosted the Chicken Bowl. (I've made the executive decision to become very good friends with these people. They have no choice.) 
Because anyone who goes out and buys a "baby-sized" hunk of pork belly, spends all week marinating it, then smokes it and throws a party with all things bacon is pretty freaking amazing. Am I right?!?!

Why, you may wonder? Well people are crazy about bacon. I'm a fan - I've had the bacon chocolate - but I'm nothing like some people out there. (Sister2 will die when she reads this. The girl loves two things: cheesecake and breakfast meat. Not together...though if you offered her both at the same time she wouldn't say no.)

So yesterday I had bacon-wrapped string beans, bacon-wrapped scallops, bacon potato salad, bacon sandwiches, bacon dip, candied bacon, and best of all,
bacon dipped in chocolate. The bacon chocolate was to die for! Just take a piece of bacon, dip it in melted chocolate, sprinkle it with nuts, and pop it in the freezer. Sounds weird, but it was SOOOOO GOOD!

The hosts said that the bacon party is probably a one-time thing, just because it was so much work to prepare everything. I mean, all those bacon foods involve some major effort preparation-wise...but I think everyone really appreciated their efforts!

Each bite involved bacon is some form, in the best way possible. (Are your arteries clogging reading this? Don't worry, mine are just fine! And surprisingly my pants still fit...probably because after the Bacon Extravaganza I decided to walk home from Rosslyn...)

Anywhoozle, like I said, the bacon party was a sweet and savory, scrumptiously succulent smashing success. You know you're jealous. Or horrified (I'm looking at
you, 6x6 and Jess).

Hope you had a good weekend too!