Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Report: Indoor Activities

When summer peaks in DC (it has peaked right? It can’t get any hotter…right???), there’s only one way to spend your time: inside. As much as possible.

Not to sound like a whiny broken record, but it’s HOT here. Therefore, this was a weekend of indoor activities.

I consider myself an outdoors-y  person, but there’s a limit, and that limit sounds a lot like 95 degrees. After a walk to the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning and a somebody-shoot-me-to-put-me-out-of-my-misery run, my ambitiousness took a nose-dive and I resigned myself to hiding in A/C as much as possible. 

So Saturday afternoon I watched the US-Ghana game with some friends in the comfort of my home.

And now the US is out of the World Cup - so sad! But if they’re going to lose to anyone, it should be Ghana (I like to support the only remaining African team, plus they have sweet uniforms). So now my allegiance is switched – Go Ghana all the way! (If we’re going to lose, we should probably lose to the best team, right? YAY Ghana!)

And a funny sidenote from this history nerd...

The World Cup is beginning to look a lot like WWII:

-       Italy was in retreat from the beginning

-       France is divided

-       Spain looked good before the war started

-       The US turned up at the last minute

-       England was left to fight the Germans (and was bombed out 4-1 yesterday)

-       Poland never made it

-       The Belgians stayed indoors

-       Ireland is nowhere to be seen

-       Ghana sent a small but deadly force

-       Japan is doing surprisingly well!


Sunday I continued with my indoors-y activities. LLC and I went to Silver Docs, a documentary film festival, to see Last Train Home. It was about migrant workers in China. The film was ok, but not amazing…I just wanted there to be more you know? More story, more substance…afterwards the filmmaker said they had 300 hours of tape after 3 years of filming, so come on – there must have been a lot to work with, right? Oh well…

I met 6x6 for dinner at Casa Oaxaca, a Mexican restaurant I’ve been dying to try. It was 6x6’s first time eating mole. Dammmnnnn! Mole is so good! I got Mole Noir Chicken (aka chicken with dark chocolate sauce), and 6x6 got cheese enchiladas with mole sauce.  Both were delish! The place is a little expensive, but really not too bad. My one complaint is that they do not give you chips on your table! Some people got them…but not us…I think that maybe you have to order them? Overall though, the place was hoppin' on a Sunday night, and I can see why!

Hope you had a pleasant-temperature'd weekend...or at least found fun things to do inside!