Friday, January 14, 2011

Best of the Week #6

Here they are, my weekly selections. Catch up on past Best of the Weeks here.

The most popular Eat Run Read post this week was Wedding Food. And one of the pictures was featured on! Check it out!

Let's start off with a little trivia. In Star Wars there is a funny co-pilot speaking a weird language in a bar. What language was it?
Turns out the answer is Kikuyu! (A Kenyan language) Watch the video.

Sister1 is considering moving to Austin, TX. Mostly due to these donuts and this chocolate.

If you love corgis (like I do), read this article about why they are irresistible!

And in a surprising turn of events, The happiest place in the world right now is the Sudan! It turns out that the happiest country out there right now is the one that normally the Middle East looks to when it wants to appear stable. Watch the Daily Show video.

6x6 is exploring the magic of a new drink - kobucha. Apparently this disgusting-looking beverage will do everything from make your hair thicker to cure cancer. Interesting. 

If you're in DC this weekend, the Philips Collection (my favorite museum!) is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a free weekend! Get in free from 10-5 on Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday. Click here for more details

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! (3 days - woot woot!!!)