Monday, January 3, 2011

Lake Tahoe in the Snow

I'm on my way back to the East Coast, so while I'm in the air, catching up on my Top Chef re-runs (and sitting on a chair in the sky!), check out these pictures of Lake Tahoe in the snow. Very different from the same place in August, but just as beautiful.

Here's the view from our back door. (Want to go in the backyard? No. You can't. That is a 4-foot wall of snow on our deck.)

And from the front door - gotta shovel out the car! (Thanks Eric!)

And of course, the lake. This is where we lounge on the grass for days playing Scrabble and reading in the summer. In the winter we just drive by and appreciate its beauty. 

I love Tahoe. My parents are moving there in the Fall, so I'll be flying home into Reno next year. Craziness!