Monday, January 10, 2011

The Weekend Report: Skiing at Wisp

People warned me about skiing in the DC area. They said I wouldn’t like it, that because I’ve skied in “The West” I would hate the whole experience. But they were missing one key bit of information - I love to ski. It’s close, but I think I love to ski more than I love to run. (Gasp! I know!) 

Of course I enjoy skiing big mountains, but I can also have fun skiing little ones. Or gently sloped hills, as the case may be. Wisp Resort in Maryland was definitely a gently sloped hill, but it was surprisingly bigger than I expected! (For those of you in CA, it’s almost comparable to Boreal, but nowhere near as steep.)

I went skiing with a group of friends of varying abilities, but believe it or not I can be patient and wait for people! The snow was perfect – it snowed the day before we went, and on and off all day while we were skiing. I love skiing on tracked out powder! (Not as much as I love skiing on fresh powder, but I’ll take what I can get.)

And one thing Wisp has on Western mountains is its hours. One lift ticket gets you access from 9am to 9pm! So I skied until 5 – a pretty solid day if you ask me!

Après ski the real festivities started. The purpose of the weekend was to celebrate Co-Worker-Rachel’s boyfriend’s birthday. He requested a vanilla birthday cake, and when she pressed him for details, he said, “I don’t know! Make me a spinning ninja cake.”

Done and done. We brainstormed at lunch last week, and Thursday night Rachel headed out to Toys-R-Us to buy a ninja.

 Yes – he is awesome. If you press a button on his back his arm (holding a sword or numb-chucks) chops, and if you press a button on his chest he says things like, “We are under attack!” and “HiiiYA!”

Due to an unfortunate birthday boy accident, Sean and Rachel spent most of the evening at the hospital, so I made the cake. It’s a simple box yellow cake with homemade vanilla frosting. I’m not really a box cake person, but this one was pretty delish! I’m pretty sure the ninja in the middle really contributed to its flavor.

And here's the birthday boy playing with his doll...I'm sorry, "action figure"!

Hope you had a good weekend too!