Friday, January 21, 2011

Best of the Week #7

Apparently I was busy this week…because it’s Friday and I had to scramble to pull together a Best of the Week post!

The most popular on Eat Run Read (second week in a row!) was Wedding Food. People LOVE the vegan chocolate cupcakes.

Catalog Living, as always, is hilarious. If you’re not familiar, a fictional couple (Gary and Elaine) live in a catalog and write about it daily. Here are a couple examples from this week:

Gary’s years of experience told him that his son could never expect to conquer more than four states with a password as flimsy as “No Girls.”

Gary only bought it to justify wearing aviator goggles when he pays the bills.

You’ve heard of Charter Schools…how about a Charter City? Honduras is considering implementing this idea “so crazy it might work” - Hondurans in search of a better life could choose the new Charter City, where they would find jobs created by new export industries, with no crime, first-class education and health care, clear property rights, and a fair courts system, instead of the US “where they suffer all sorts of situations at odds with human dignity,” said the President.

If you're wondering what the big deal is about Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier returning to Haiti this week, read this article about the top 5 reasons he's infamous.

I'm in a cookie monster mood an would pretty much kill for one (or two!) of these right now!

According to the Russian Orthodox Church – “Women, said Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, can't be trusted to clothe themselves properly.” (Read the article here.)

This is one for 6x6 (who is oddly obsessed with maps and last names) - National Geographic created a map of the most popular surnames in the US. Click here to read more.

On the more personal side, I ran a whopping 19 miles this week (hey, I gotta start somewhere)!

Hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend!