Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Welp this is it – the big 25. It may be quarter-life, but there’s no crisis here! 

My life is constantly in motion (literally and metaphorically), and it’s been quite the year of new things. Since last birthday, I started a new job, traveled to India, returned to rock climbing, started freelancing for WRR and blogging on CSM, went to Costa Rica (again), and to date have posted a total of 615 blogs here on Eat, Run, Read

Twenty-five is a nice square number: 5x5. And in honor of this, here's a Mollie life recap, counted by 5's:

5 – (1992) I was the bossiest and tallest kid in Valley Vista’s kindergarten class. My interests included exploring and climbing trees on the hill behind our house, ballet, and tap dancing (oh yeah - maybe someday I'll share video with you). I actually remember this birthday – my parents got me my first big-kid bike, a white and pink splatter-painted vehicle of awesomeness. We took it to the school nearby and my dad ran behind me, holding the back of the seat to stabilize me as I biked without training wheels. Woohoo!

10 – (1997)  Hmm, ten places me in 4th grade at Liberty Elementary. I had super-short hair and teeth too big for my face. I was still doing ballet (almost every day), and also ski racing. February means my class was well into preparations for our big trip: an overnight on the C.A. Thayer, a schooner in San Francisco Bay (continuing with the bossy-Mollie theme, clearly I was the “mate” of the deckhand crew).

15  – (2002) My fifteenth birthday –  freshman year of high school – probably my favorite high school year because it was all so new and exciting. I ran cross country, played French horn in the band (judge accordingly), and I was super super into skiing -- I missed 35 days of school that year to hit the slopes.

20 –  (2007) Ooof this was a rough year, but also one of my favorite birthdays to date. I was a sophomore at Boston University, dealing with my first running injury ever (aka Mollie=upset). 

I had just had a (1/5-life?) crisis and switched my major from Film to International Relations mid-semester. I was on the track team and on the ski team, which brings me to the awesomeness: My ski team friends threw me a hilariously themed surprise birthday party, then we all met up for brunch at Zaftigs (read: Granola Pancakes!) the next morning. 

And now here I am – 2012 and I’m 25! I live in DC, work at an interesting and I think important-ish job, run a lot, write many many a blog, have awesome friends, and am generally loving life. 

Case in point: I started my day with a Rock Creek Park 7-miler, and will end it eating delicious food with friends at Graffiato

Knowing people follow my blog is seriously such a great birthday present! :) So THANK YOU for reading!