Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Report: Soooooo Tired!

I had quite the Saturday.

By 8:50 am I was out the door, heading north on Massachusetts Avenue for the first 12-miler in my get-ready-for-Cherry-Blossom training plan. After starting with that out-and-back add-on, I headed towards the Mall to meet 6x6 for the middle part of my run. 

She and I circled the Capitol and monuments, lamenting the Shire-esque look of the lawns and reflecting pool under construction.  (LOTR reference there – I’m talking about the very end of the books when they return to the Shire and it’s been destroyed.)

ANYWAY – the run was great! 6x6 did 7 with me, then left me to finish off the last 3 miles on my own.

I returned home to a hot shower and even hotter cup of coffee (something about the first sip of coffee after a long run on a cold day is the best thing in the world). I only had an hour before I needed to leave to go climbing, so I ate some breakfast – a notable one, I’ll blog about it later in the week – then got ready to go.

Because apparently 12 miles of running isn’t enough of a day for me, I met a few friends and co-workers at SportRock in Alexandria for an afternoon of climbing. The gym is so much less crowded on the weekends than on weekdays! The smaller walls were full of childrens’ birthday parties, but the big walls (where I want to be) were comparatively empty.

I didn’t get home until 5 pm, at which point I collapsed on my couch, completely exhausted. I had planned to go out that night, but after so much activity I knew that there was absolutely no way I was doing anything.

I reminded myself of my Mama when she was marathon training. She would return from a run, lie on the couch, and call out in her pitiful voice, Mollie? Will you bring me something to eat? Being the awesome daughter I am - Sure, what do you want? Her reply - Anything! Whatever you'll bring me.

That is exactly how I felt. But my mama is in CA, so I had to energize-up enough to cook myself some dinner. Womp womp.

But I bounce back quickly (after 10 hours of sleep) and by Sunday I’d recovered. I trekked out to Silver Spring to tutor my refugees, then did some yoga in an attempt to prevent the inevitable soreness of 2+ hours of climbing on top of a run.

Sunday night I went and saw Moneyball. It was very good! It’s an Aaron Sorkin film (writer of The West Wing), but was different from his usual rapid-fire banter. I am a total sucker for a good sports movie. It even made me excited about baseball, which is impressive considering I don’t even like baseball…

Anywho, that is that. Hope you had a good weekend too!