Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running Resources

Let me take today to call your attention to a new Eat Run Read feature – “Running Resources.” Its permanent home is on the top left menu bar (look up!).

On this page I have compiled a comprehensive list of all things running on this blog. Yes. Be afraid. I realize “resources” may be a slightly inaccurate and overly-generous name…it’s more like All Things I’ve Said About Running In The Past 2.5 Years. But that title is too long, so Running Resources it is.

This list includes some very useful things: tips, workouts, injury prevention and treatment, and running routes...Some very non-useful but amusing things: rants, stories about my family, and inspiration...And a few that fall somewhere in between: The Places I’ve Run, races, and guest posts.

My main lesson learned from compiling this list is that I have written a lot about running. A LOT. And that’s not even including my DC Running Examiner blog (which you should definitely explore).

But seriously, I hope this page will help you find blog posts that interest and amuse you here on Eat Run Read. It’s a work in progress, so comments and suggestions are welcome!

Here it is, as of now. And as I said, its permanent home is in the top left menu bar.

Post are listed from newest to oldest within each category (for the most part).

Tips and Musings
Power Lacing for Runners 


Running Update and Two Awesome Workouts (5k tempo run and mile+4x800m)

The Weekend Report: The Best Feeling In the World 

The Weekend Report: Some Long Runs are Longer than Others 

Injury Prevention and Treatment

New Running Orthotics
Over-Excited: Too Fast, Too Soon 

The Places I've Run

Costa Rica

ACLI Capital Challenge 2011 Race Report 

My Running Family

Running 7 Miles with My Mama
The Weekend Report: Hand Me That Unitard (aka Sister2 Runs a Marathon!) 

Guest Posts

Making a Difference with Charity Running - Jackie Clark
On the Fast Track with the USTAF Foundation: Q & A with Executive Director Tom Jackovic - Jessica Cickay 
Man Versus Mileage - Jessica Cickay
The Barefoot Experiment: Week 1 - Matt
The Newbie
6x6: Week 3 - 6x6