Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Report: H Street Festival

I had one of those weekends that felt like it went on forever (aka the best kind of weekend!). I did many many things on Friday night and Saturday, so by the time I got to Sunday all that was left was to seriously putter and it was excellent.

On Friday I left work, met 6x6, and lounged on the grass in a park. The weather here is glorious right now and we need to take advantage.

Then we went over to LOTR Emily’s boyfriend’s house [Sidenote: I have a rule about boyfriends not getting blog names...but this is getting ridiculous because "LOTR Emily's boyfriend" is just annoyingly long to write out. So I hereby dub him "Uruk-hai" for the rest of eternity (he knows why).]

Anywho, my friends and I are onto our third year of a super-awesome dinner and a movie tradition. I will write a more comprehensive blog post about this soon enough, but for now let it suffice to say that it is one of my favorite things about us and there is themed food à la this basket of veggies and cheese and bread, raspberry salad, flat bread pizza, and cake (obviously).

Saturday started with a long run (again, GLORIOUS weather) around Roosevelt Island and back.

(See route details here.)

Then my friends and I went to H Street Festival. It was HUGE. There were 12 stages for music, some art and street performers, a ton of food, and lots and lots of people. The best part was probably the people watching – it is unreal what some people wear/do in public! So. Many. Hipsters. The downsides was the sheer degree of crowded…it got to be a bit overwhelming.  I think I prefer H Street at its normal Saturday night level.

“Peregrination” is one of my favorite words. It literally means to wander from place to place on foot, which is exactly what I did on Sunday.

After a second long run (I did 12 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday! Who’s ready for the Ragnar Relay? ME!), I meandered from Barracks Row to the grocery store to Pound. There I sat on the back patio and enjoyed coffee and a biscotti while I tried to be some semblance of productive.

Which I was until the café closed at 4 (!?) and I had to pack up and decide where to wander next. The day was still beautiful, so I peregrinated over to Eastern Market and basked on a bench in the sun. I called my mama  and started a new book, which a bypassing stranger man assured me is excellent…so that’s good I guess.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!