Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The State of Mollie: Running Edition

It’s fall so here we go – the quarter-annual update on my running.

I don’t blog specifically about my running too too often; mostly because though running is great and I love it, I’m not 100% sure how much the interwebs need/care to know the daily ins and outs of my training (or lack therof).  But every now and then you won’t mind if we take a venture down the rabbit-hole of my life, right? Ok!

As I think everyone by now knows, it was an ungodly hot summer, which meant a lot of very sweaty morning runs. Luckily I have two running friends to motivate me out of bed on a regular basis!

Since moving to Eastern Market in May, I’ve tried to incorporate more cross-training (mostly biking and climbing, and a bit of pooling too) into my workout routine. This is because I am a wee bit injury-prone (or, more accurately, I am prone to getting over-excited about running -- a lot! super-fast! every day! and then ignore pain until it’s incapacitating), and trying to get better about not being injured.  And though I have had a few small problems this summer, they’ve all been minor and not particularly long-term, so go me!

I puttered along with an unstructured mix of running through June and July – basically doing whatever I felt like whenever I felt like it. Then I spontaneously ran a 1 mile time trial race on June 25, which went shockingly well, so I decided to return to CAR track workouts.

The workout thing may or may not have been a mistake. My IT band tightened up hard and caused a bit of knee pain mid-August (which I totally handled with strength/stretching exercises!).

Then an unexpected unpleasant surprise happened ALL OF A SUDDEN on August 20. Some call it perroneal tendonitis, I call it a pain in the foot, which I blame on walking too much in bad shoes (TOMS I’m looking at you). So I booted around for two weeks, only barely suppressing my rage at the injustice of it all, and taking out my aggression on the pool.

But this story has a good ending. The boot came off on September 1, my foot feels great, and I’ve been running ever since.

This is important because before all the shenanigans, I signed up for a lot of upcoming races. I’m doing the Ragnar Relay this Friday/Saturday, which means I’ll be running 18 miles over a 24-hour period. I am tentatively excited…I think.

I’m even more excited to be signed up for the Backyard Burn Trail Running Series – five 10-mile trail races from October 14-December 2. I love trail running, and I’ve never done a trail race (or a 10-mile race for that matter), so it should be an experience.

To conclude this State of Mollie: It is now fall, running and I are back in love, I haven’t done a workout yet but I might soon, and I’m racing this weekend!


  1. Ack! I had no idea you'd been booted! I'm glad you're free! Have a great race!

  2. I love those shoes (shoe, in your case)! I have them in a different color. And great to hear you're no longer booted. Hope to see you around sometime.

  3. Nice update, Mollie! I've had Peroneal Tendonitis and it hurts! Sorry you got stuck with it. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  4. Glad you're back in action. See you at BYB #4 and #5!

  5. Thanks all! Yeah, I kept the booting kinda under wraps...mostly for my own sanity. OOh and ultrarunnergirl -- seeya at BYB! :)

  6. Boo the boot! I'm glad your out and are running!! Have a great time at Ragnar!