Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 Days to the Marathon!

Well here I am in the dreaded “taper week” and honestly, what’s the big deal? As far as I can tell, I’m running less, sleeping more, and eating a lot – it’s all feeling pretty good to me. I’m almost in full-on vacation mode, except, ya know, there’s a marathon at the end!

I’m a bit nervous about the race of course…but at this point I just want to DO IT already. I’ve done all the training I can, I have an idea of how I want to run, and at this point nothing can change any of that. Whatever happens happens.

Mental prep-wise, I’m staying 100% positive. (6x6: You’re going to find your spirit animal! Me: Oh I already have that.) This is going to be fun. I had the BEST day yesterday and the rest of the week is looking pretty good.

On Monday night I went to yoga, Tuesday I did my last little “workout” (2x1 mile, 6 miles total). Today I could go to the pool…but I think I’ll just stretch in my living room. Tomorrow is a 4 or 5-mile shake-out run, Friday I go to the Expo, and Saturday I race!!!
I will be wearing this on race day

So a bit of a check-in on my training for those who care:

  • Weekly mileages: 46, 47, 40, 52, 42, 37. (These numbers don’t factor in pool “miles” or any other cross training.) This week will be about 11 miles…PLUS A MARATHON!
  • Longest run: 23.5 (got lost)
  • Longest intentional run: 21
  • Average training pace: around 7:30
  • Average tempo pace: around 6:20
  • Injury check? Feeling good!
  • Stretching: A lot of that. I’ve been doing yoga either at Yoga District or in my living room at least once a week. And the foam roll and stick are my new BFFs. 
  • Icing: My feet are in a bucket of ice more frequently than I would like.
  • Food: SO MANY VEGETABLES (per always).
  • Race eating/drinking plan: 3 packages of sports beans (smaller than gels, so I can breath and run and eat at the same time), plus a sip of water at every stop (i.e. an attempt to get a sip in my mouth, while the rest I splatter all over myself) starting at mile 8.
  • Race plan: ENJOY!

If you’re in DC, please please please come out and cheer! Here’s the course map. Email me ( and I can tell you where on the course I should be at any given time.

Oh and feel free to bring signs!