Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Report: It's Snowing! And Elephants at the Zoo

Umm guys. It’s snowing outside. Normally I would be totally psyched about this, but it’s the end of March, the cherry blossoms should be blossoming, I’m tired of being cold, aaaaand yeah. This is weird. Just look at my front yard!

Alright so back to the weekend. Can we talk about how awesome people are? Because people are awesome. I lost my phone on Saturday afternoon, and within 40 minutes someone found it, posted a note on my facebook page (I do not lock my phone, and thanks to this experience I don’t think I ever will), my friend in Hawaii responded tagging my roommate, my roommate called the friends I was with, and DONE. Thank you everyone!

In other news, my March Madness bracket is an epic fail…so I will only be participating in Animals March Madness from now on.

And speaking of animals, guess what I did on Sunday? I went to the National Zoo! Elephants are one of my favorite animals, and the Elephant Trails Exhibit has been under construction since 2006 (i.e. long before I moved to DC). It re-opened on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday I was in the area, so why not? Zoo time! (To all my friends: I am HAPPY to go back and re-see this as many times as you want.)

The only bad news is that because of all the new elephant stuff they got rid of my second-favorite animals – that’s right, there are no more hippos! Sad.

It was a cold gray day and the zoo wasn’t too crowded, which meant that a lot of animals were out and about! I saw wolves and pandas (to name a couple of the more rare animals). New cutest animal: Chinese Alligator (weird I know, but actually really cool).

And that is pretty much that. Hope you had a good weekend too!