Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Report: Purely Random Thoughts

I have a few totally random thoughts from this weekend:

1. If someone says, Hey! We should totally go to X class!  The correct answer is, That sounds potentially fun, let me look into location/their website/what this might actually be like/ think about it for more than .2 seconds. (In this instance X = beginner’s salsa.) The correct answer is NOT: Ok! Buying a ticket now!

It did not look like this. 

I’m sure that a good beginner’s salsa class would be fun, but this one (tickets bought through something called Professionals in the City Management – sound like an escort service to you? It isn’t…but still…should have known/thought) was not fun at all. In an hour-long lesson we learned the basic step and the basic spin, and that’s it. Plus I managed to have some of the most awkward conversations of my life...ever ever ever.

2. Between Ebenezers and Peregrine, Peregrine’s coffee is better.

3. I've ranted before and here I am ranting again, running in the wind is the WORST. And I’m not talking about a nice(-ish, ha) spring track-feeling wind. It’s a cold go-through-your-clothes-and-turn-your-stomach-bright-red wintry wind. And for some reason DC is having the windiest winter ever.

(This birthday penguin is for Geoff.
It's winking, because I'm creepy like that)
4. Along a similar vein, eating while running is damn near impossible. I don’t know how people do it! I cannot consume a gel and run and breathe at the same time (and the breathing things is what really gets me). I think it might be because I don’t breathe through my nose…am I an incompetent marathoner, or can anyone help me here?

5. Walnut Shrimp from Chinatown Express is one of the best things ever. And the Kingdom Porkchops, those are amazing too.

6. I just finished A Game of Thrones (the first of 5 books). It’s 807 pages, and I thought that for sure when I finished, I’d want a Game of Thrones break. But I don’t. I want the next book NOW!

7. If I were in CA with Sister1 and Geoff (oh hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF!), I’d have been be eating red velvet pancakes here on Sunday afternoon in Napa. Siiiigggghhh #homesick.

8. My parents are literally at the bottom of the Grand Canyon right now. Someday I will tell you the story of how I almost died there  – good times. We throw around the word “awesome” a lot, but the Grand Canyon really really IS awesome. If you haven’t been, it’s even more awesome than people say it is. Me = jealous.

9. I’m running a marathon in less than 2 weeks and I am officially freaking out. (In case you couldn’t already tell.)

10. Current bowl o'dinner of choice: beets, beet greens, butternut squash, whole wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce, half a turkey meatball chopped up, and an egg and some Parmesan cheese. Yum. Plus it's bright pink.

11. Aziz Ansari is hilarious and has a tumblr called “Aziz is Bored,” which I think is one of the most accurate name for any tumblr/blog/interwebs activity ever. I went down quite the rabbit hole there…this this this and this.

12. My fingernails are neon green in honor of March.

13. Happy Monday to you all!