Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Report: Send Me On My Way to Springtime!

Well hello spring, so nice to see you again! Oh that’s right – we had a snow day last Wednesday, and then this weekend was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for many many outside-y things. It's too soon for flowers to bloom, so it doesn't really look like springtime...but the wind is finally warm and I can feel it coming just in time for my marathon next weekend!

Saturday I went on a marathon course-inspection bike ride so that those sneaky second-half hills don’t surprise me at miles 23 and 24 and/or the windy part from 20-22. And so I don’t get lost in Anacostia…because that could get really interesting really quickly.

This makes the course look a lot flatter than it actually is...

Then, dun dun dunnn, the long-anticipated driving lessons finally occurred! SpeedyKate has been talking about teaching me how to drive her car (manual) for almost a year now, so on Saturday afternoon the lessons began. Turns out the National Arboretum is a great (low-traffic) place for me to stall a million times.

The Columns used to be part of the Capitol building.
Fun fun. I didn't hit anyone or anything! I can start, stop, start on a hill (most of the time), and shift from first to second and back down! That's about it so may take me a while, but I am going to get good at this! Or at least proficient.

Then Saturday night I went to a concert that would have probably been best experienced outside in a park…but was still really fun to see at the 9:30 Club. Have you heard of Rusted Root? Probably not. But have you heard Send Me On My Way? Yes, you have. (See what I did there with the title of this post? Yeah, I'm pretty clever like that.)

Pre-concert we went to dinner at Cause The Philanthropub, a restaurant/bar I’ve been hearing about for a while. Every month they have four featured charities, and they donate all of their profits to whichever one you select on your receipt.  So that’s fun. And the food is delicious! Seriously, check out the menu. I got the Quentil Burger (quinoa, lentils, cucumber, mint, greek yogurt, feta, harissa) with a side salad (which I only mention because it was the most salady side salad I think I’ve ever had. Like, I’m pretty sure those greens just came out of the ground). We also shared an order of Vermont white cheddar dusted fries. Yummmmmm. 

Sunday was even nicer than Saturday. I went for my last long-ish run in shorts and a tank top (hello sunburn!) and there were so many people out and about on the Mall and the Hill. I spent the rest of the day puttering around outside at Lincoln Park, Eastern Market, and frozen yogurt on Barrack’s Row with LOTR-Emily before heading to Tracy’s farewell party on the rooftop of DC9.

Nothing special run-wise, but here's the map if you're interested.

Aaaaand that is that. I am feeling pretty ready set springtime!