Friday, February 5, 2010

Bucket List

Woot! I got tagged!

That means that someone likes me (more specifically, Shut Up and Run likes me)! And that even though I have proved this week to be completely incompetent in all other aspects of my life, at least a few people like my blog!

What is this tagging business, you may wonder? Well, going around the blog-world is a Bucket List thing. Three things you must do before you die.

Oh man, that's kind of hard...I mean, just 3??? What if I want to do everything? What if I plan on living to 100 (partially just to say I made the triple-digits), but mostly because there is so much in the world to do before I peace out!

I mean, I want to do the obvious vaguely Miss America-ish things (help people, make a difference, etc. etc.). But how about something more concrete?

1. Live on each continent for at least a month. Traveling is great, but I think it's important to live somewhere to really get an idea of what life is like.
So far I have 2 (North America and Africa). Just 4 to go (South America, Europe, Asia, Australia). I'm not counting Antarctica in this...though with the current climate situation, it may be feasable to live there by the time I hit that's horrifying...

2. Write a book. I've always felt like this one was inevitable. I've loved reading since I was a wee little Mini-Mollie. Eventually I'll have enough to say myself to write my own book...look forward to that someday!

3. Give someone who needs it a really big gift. (I know, that's bordering on World Peace-y.) But I would like to save up all my money...and then give it all away. I probably won't do it soon (since I'm in that selfish 20s phase of my life), but eventually. I think that would feel really good.

4. (I'm giving myself an extra) Run a marathon. Like writing a book, I think running a maraton is pretty inevitable in my life (considering my family). So it's not really Bucket List-worthy. But there it is.

Do you feel like you know me better now?

And I'll tag:

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Feel free to ignore the tag...but play the game if you want to!

I'm off to bake a cake and enjoy the DC Snowpocolypse!


  1. LOVE your list; thanks for playing along. You will run a marathon someday I am SURE. It's in your genes. If you want to give me that really big gift you can. :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! :) Your list is great, and I completely agree, the best way to get to know a culture is to completely immerse yourself in it. That's very cool that you've lived in Africa.

  3. Thanks Mollie! I'll get my list up pronto. You'd think it wouldn't take too long to come up with such a list, but you're absolutely right: if you're only asked to list 3, you've got to prioritize.

  4. Woohoo! Thanks for the tag. I enjoyed reading your list of things to do. And gosh, I dunno if I can pick just 3... but I'll try! (Ironically, I think writing a book is up there on mine, too!)

  5. I love the idea of LIVING on each continent. It's great that you are so sure you will write a book!

  6. I love your list...My dream is also to publish something!

    It is so nice to find another avid reader and your reading list is so unique! I love how you have so many books I am not familiar with.

  7. DC is getting pounded with snow this winter. Also, great list!

  8. Nice! I've got some of these on my own list. I want to visit every country in the world, but would love to live in a different country as well. I've also always wanted to write a book. I love writing and I know what you mean when it seems like one of those things that you would inevitably do. Also I just registered for a triathlon, which I'm excited for, but also scared out of my mind about. Good luck with your list!