Friday, February 5, 2010

Bucket List

Woot! I got tagged!

That means that someone likes me (more specifically, Shut Up and Run likes me)! And that even though I have proved this week to be completely incompetent in all other aspects of my life, at least a few people like my blog!

What is this tagging business, you may wonder? Well, going around the blog-world is a Bucket List thing. Three things you must do before you die.

Oh man, that's kind of hard...I mean, just 3??? What if I want to do everything? What if I plan on living to 100 (partially just to say I made the triple-digits), but mostly because there is so much in the world to do before I peace out!

I mean, I want to do the obvious vaguely Miss America-ish things (help people, make a difference, etc. etc.). But how about something more concrete?

1. Live on each continent for at least a month. Traveling is great, but I think it's important to live somewhere to really get an idea of what life is like.
So far I have 2 (North America and Africa). Just 4 to go (South America, Europe, Asia, Australia). I'm not counting Antarctica in this...though with the current climate situation, it may be feasable to live there by the time I hit that's horrifying...

2. Write a book. I've always felt like this one was inevitable. I've loved reading since I was a wee little Mini-Mollie. Eventually I'll have enough to say myself to write my own book...look forward to that someday!

3. Give someone who needs it a really big gift. (I know, that's bordering on World Peace-y.) But I would like to save up all my money...and then give it all away. I probably won't do it soon (since I'm in that selfish 20s phase of my life), but eventually. I think that would feel really good.

4. (I'm giving myself an extra) Run a marathon. Like writing a book, I think running a maraton is pretty inevitable in my life (considering my family). So it's not really Bucket List-worthy. But there it is.

Do you feel like you know me better now?

And I'll tag:

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Feel free to ignore the tag...but play the game if you want to!

I'm off to bake a cake and enjoy the DC Snowpocolypse!