Sunday, February 14, 2010


I'm feeling very Olympic today! How 'bout you?
- Cool Runnings (aka one of the BEST movies ever made. Yes, I do have the soundtrack. And yes, do yourself a favor and click on both those links.)

I love the Olympics. Quite a bit. As in, I get RIDICULOUSLY excited. I watch sports that I otherwise wouldn't care about (i.e. ski jumping, ice skating, speed skating). I cry along with the gold medalists when the national anthem plays (nothing spells patriotism like the Olympics). When someone suggests we watch a movie, or really anything other than NBC, I look at them like they're crazy:
Ummm hello? it's the Olympics!

Almost everybody loves the Olympics. Non-athletes do too. I think it's something about that Olympic Dream - everybody, deep down (or in some cases not so deep) wishes that they could be an Olympian. To compete on the world stage at the only event where the whole world is actually watching. And to stand in front of their country's flag, victory bouquet in hand and a gold medal around their neck. Oh, it gives me shivers just to think about it!

And I have a confession to make. I'm not exactly proud of this, but here I am, announcing it to the internet.

I have become my father.

Oh yes. It's true. About 40 years younger (and I like to think quite a bit cuter), but my father nonetheless. The only difference is that I am blessed with the gloriousness that is DVR (rather than my dad's many many many VHS tapes. Yes, he did tape over our baby videos with the 1996 Olympics. Yes, that's still a sore spot in our house).

But really, like my dad, I sit on my couch with a bowl of popcorn, and watch all the events. Even the ones I don't like (i.e. ice skating. I just can't get into it). And here's the worst part - I talk to the screen! When Bob Costas announces that coming up next is Curling coverage, I say, out loud, What the hell Bob, show me ski racing! Or when they do their in-the-studio recaps, I know, I know! I was watching! And then I proceed to watch whatever they deem fit to put on TV. And if someone dares suggest a channel change I am absolutely adamant that we stay with Olympics.

Not that there's anything wrong with being my just catches me by surprise sometimes. Especially because growing up I always complained during the Olympics. Do we have to watch ice dancing? Really? Can't we watch something else? And now, here I am, glued to my TV. Ah well. At least I'm enjoying myself!

For a NBC and affiliates TV schedule - click here. You can enter your area code, and then they tell you what's on when.

Also, athletes I am specifically following/supporting:
Ani Serebrakian - Women's GS and Slalom (Armenia)
Errol Kerr - Men's Ski Cross (Jamaica)
Sarah Sovey - Women's Ski Cross (Great Britain)
Stacey Cook - Women's Downhill, Super G, and Super Combined (U.S.A.)

Sidenote: Weird mascots, right? You can read more about their symbolism here.

You know where to find me. On my couch. See you in a couple weeks!

(Just FYI, when I say "See you in a couple weeks!" I do NOT mean that I will not be blogging. Just blogging with Olympics in the background!)