Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Weekend Report: Chicken Bowl

It was an eventful, chicken-ful weekend!

I'll start from that glorious moment, the end of the Friday workday, were all weekends begin. I left my desk, took the elevator down to the lobby and walked out the door, my mood improving at a rate directly correlated to my ever increasing distance from work.

I met my track team at
Poste for a CAR Girls Night. The restaurant has a really nice outdoor patio happy hour thing going on...but hungry track girls can only put off food for so long, so drinks were followed by dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery. Oh man, it was good! A grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and swiss cheese and garlic fries (swoon!) later, I was very happily full and ready to call it a night...which I did. (Sorry - everybody say Happy Birthday Brian! I fail at getting to H street...and therefore I owe you. A happy hour, or maybe a cake?)

And then, Saturday I participated in something awesomely ridiculous. A Workout Party hosted by DC blogger Liz (like her, I'm never one to say no to a workout)! We did a "bootcamp" style class with an overly-intense buff bald instructor, who said things like This is boot camp! Give me a HOO-AHH! Yes. That happened. It was a decent workout, or at least I was quite sweaty by the end. Check out her post about it and watch the video! Hahaha, oh my life...

After the class, we rewarded ourselves with the best frozen yogurt I've ever had. I'm not even exaggerating. You pay by weight (which can get out of control, i.e. the Whole Foods salad bar...$15 salad anyone?), but actually in the case of this fro-yo it was quite reasonable. They had a ton of flavors and toppings. I tried a little of cheesecake (yum), coconut (subtle, but yum), mango (disappointing), and red velvet (yumyumyummmm) fro-yo, with cake crumbles, fresh raspberries, slivered almonds, and white chocolate syrup. Delish. Good thing it's not too close to my house, this place could get scary!

And now, on to the peak of the weekend, let's talk about the Chicken Bowl.

Friends of my work friend host this amazing party called the NoVA Chicken Bowl (Almost as genius as the Dessert Party phenomenon. Almost.) The idea is to find the best rotisserie chicken in Northern Virginia. 
Six Northern Virginia restaurants competed for the best of the best of chickeny goodness. They were simply labeled 1 through 6 on a table covered in chicken, sauces, and sides. Everyone tastes each chicken, then votes for their top two (or puts two votes in one basket, if that chicken happened to be particularly impressive).

It was hilarious - they had T-shirts made and decorated their yard with rubber chickens. At 10pm, after much chicken-deliberating, the chicken czars anounced the winner: Dun ta ta dunnnnn...Super Pollo of Alexandria!  It was by far the BEST (in my chicken opinion at least). I voted for it twice. 

To recap: runner happy hour, workout ridiculousness, and a backyard party, fun people, and chicken-gorging from 7pm-1am Saturday night...not a bad way to spend a weekend!