Wednesday, March 9, 2011

25 days to a 10-Miler Workout Plan

Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you: The Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run is happening on April 3, just 25 days away. Actually, I lied. This is not hypothetical for the Newbie right now, this is a scary-real scenario. 

The interwebs offer plenty of 10-weeks to a 5k/10k/15k programs…but we need the 3 ½ weeks version. Since I can’t find anything along those lines, looks like I’ll be creating one myself!

So here we go, I’ll do my best! [Disclaimer: I am not a running coach. I am a runner, and my parents are coaches/runners, so I do have quite a bit of personal experience to back this up. If you want a real coach, ask George.]
  • The Challenge: Get ready for a 15k in 3 ½ weeks!
  • Subject: The Newbie
  • Exercise Background: Swam competitively through high school, ran NY Half Marathon 2010. Recently has been running on and off once or twice a week, no more than 4 miles. 
  • Time Commitment: 3-4 runs a week
  • Cross Training: Probably not going to happen.
  • The Goal: To finish Cherry Blossom in as little pain and misery as possible.
The Plan: (I've separated it by week, but numbered the days in a 25-day count. This plan is flexible: runs and off days can be switched as needed. Be sure to stretch after runs and especially after workouts!)

1. Run 3 miles.
2. Off.
3. Workout: Warm up 1 mile, run 4x800m at a comfortably hard pace with 400m recovery, cool down 1 mile (5 miles total)
4. Off.
5. Run 4 miles.
6. Run 3 miles.
7. Off.

8. Run 3 miles.
9. Off.
10. Long run: Run 6 miles, after 4 miles run/walk (2 minute run/1 minute walk) as necessary.
11. Off.
12. Run 4 miles.
13. Run 3 miles.
14. Off.

15. Run 4 miles.
16. Off.
17. Workout: Warm up 1 mile, run 4x800m at a comfortably hard pace with 400m recovery, cool down 2 miles (6 miles total)
18. Off.
19. Run 5 miles.
20. Run 3 miles.
21. Off.

22. Run 4 miles.
23. Off.
24. Run 2 miles.

The Results: TBD. I will keep you posted, and maybe the Newbie will be back with a post-race guest post