Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Report: Not as springy as I hoped it would be!

This weekend was cold, it actually snowed a bit late Saturday night! I love me some wintertime, but DC needs to make up its mind and commit to spring. To encourage the weather (yes, I have that kind of power) I insisted on participating in a variety of spring activities this weekend: race spectating, long running, grilling, and hiking!

Friday night I went to dinner at Dukem, the alleged “best Ethiopian in DC.” It was good…but really not as good as all the hype. We got beef tibs, a veggie sampler, and a fish stew. The food was spicy (which I like) and very oily (which I don’t like) – maybe a bit more authentic than I’m prepared to embrace. Plus the meat was a little tough and the injera (the flat bread) came cold...for a 40-minute wait, it was actually one of my least favorite Ethiopian food experiences in DC. (My favorite is Dukem’s neighbor, Madjet, and I also really enjoyed Ethiopic.)

Luckily Saturday morning was not freezing rain as anticipated, but at 30 degrees it was definitely a chilly race spectating experience (I know, spectating isn’t a word, but just go with it). I watched the National Marathon and Half Marathon from Mile 5 (at Farragut West). 6x6 and I brought the enthusiasm – I will never understand how crowds of people can watch in silence as runners race past. This isn’t the zoo people, give them some cheering love!

After warming up with oatmeal and coffee, I was ready to head out at noon for my own run. I was only up to 16 miles in my Cupcake Marathon, and Saturday was the last day to complete my 26.2! So when 6x6 suggested a long slow run to the Maryland boarder, I immediately agreed.  We did an out-and-back along the Capital Crescent Trail, running about 9:20 pace for 11 miles. Oof. That is a special brand of tired that I haven’t felt in a while!
All I wanted to do was lounge for the rest of the day, but I had a spring bar-b-q to go to and I promised to bring dessert. Red Velvet Brownies! Get excited…check back tomorrow for the details. Luckily the grill was outside but the party was inside - I enjoyed my burger in the warmth of a Capitol Hill living room.

On Sunday I went to Great Falls to hike the Billy Goat Trail for the 3rd time in my DC experience. (If you’re googling directions, search for Angler’s Inn, MD. There is a VA side of Great Falls that is not the same hiking adventure!) We were too busy scrambling over rocks to take any pictures, but wow. The Falls themselves were raging - way too much whitewater for even the most expert of kayakers!

I’m hoping that the temps will warm up to match the scenery here in DC, especially because the Newbie is coming to run Cherry Blossom next weekend. 

What did you do this weekend? Is it springtime wherever you are?