Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ladder Workout

I don’t normally blog about my workout times, mostly because that’s just so personal. My super-speediest pace might be your slow day…or maybe a bad workout to me would be the workout of your dreams.  And really, unless you’re ultra-elite, it doesn’t matter - there will always be faster and slower runners out there to make you feel inadequate or awesome. (And if you are ulra-elite, Oh hey! Thanks for reading, leave a comment!)

Now that I’ve said all that…here I go telling you about my workout from last night. It was kind of a special occasion – my first track workout in months! And it actually went ok. 

Keep in mind that recently I have been running about every other day, plus pooling like crazy…so I’m not totally starting from square 1. Through the first half I definitely felt rusty in the faster-running-department, but we followed Coach George’s Start Slow Finish Fast philosophy and had a decent workout!

This is a ladder workout – starting and ending with 400m (1 lap), and building up to a 1600m (1 mile/4 laps). Between each repeat, we ran ½ of that repeat for recovery – i.e. after the 400m, we jogged 200m. 

I forgot my watch (see what happens when you don’t workout for months!), so the times below are as I remember them…but if you were there and remember what we ran, let me know (I’m looking at you, Beth)!

This workout totals to 4 miles of fast running, plus 2 miles of recovery running. It may look like a lot, but really once you get to the top (the 1600m), it’s all downhill from there. The second 1200m always kills me…but after that I’m home free!

Warm up: 5 minutes. (I normally run 10-20 minutes for my warm up, but I got to the track late and didn’t want to miss starting with the group.)
400m – 1:47, 200m recovery
800m – 3:26, 400m recovery
1200m – 5:05, 600m recovery
1600m – 6:46, 800m recovery
1200m – 4:45, 600m recovery
800m – 3:08, 400m recovery
400m – 1:33

Cool down 15 minutes.

I’m calling my total mileage for the night 7.5 – my longest run to date! Woot woot!

After the workout a few of my teammates and I hit up IHOP’s free pancake day. The wait was long…but totally worth it. I am all about post-run pancakes!


  1. Congrats on an awesome workout!

  2. Yeah, with a sub-7 mile, you would probably laugh at my "fast" pace (sub-9, baby!). But kudos to you, and thanks for a good workout idea. I'll try it....Just at a much slower pace. And in about a month when I get my mileage back up. And only when it is sunny outside. Wait, did I just admit to my full-on "jogger" status? Oops.

  3. Great to hear you may be back, Mozie! Be careful, though, about that 4M of quality right off the bat. AND on the track, yet. The pancake recovery, though, was RIGHT ON! You go GIRL!

    Love ya, Dad

  4. Awesome! And I'm so happy you're returning to workouts!

  5. I definitely need to try this workout sometime. It looks a little scary.

    Yay for free pancakes. I was bummed that the IHOP is too far away to go get some last night.

  6. Congrats on a super-great workout! Nice! Sorry I missed out on the pancakes, I'm sure you all had a great time, what a great idea!

  7. It was an awesome workout! Thanks for pushing me. Here are the splits from my watch:
    400 1:50
    800 3:26
    1200 5:12
    1600 6:55
    1200 4:59
    800 3:09
    400 1:30

  8. I love that you don't focus on time like some runners do- occasionally is good, but some of those speedy girls (no names) sometimes make me feel like crap when they're complaining about sub 8 minute miles during a 10 mile run.

  9. oooh i like this workout! thnx for sharing!

  10. Glad you liked the workout! (I did too...obviously!)

    And I have put in effort not to worry about time - especially when coming back from injury, it's totally counterproductive to worry that I'm not running fast enough! I'm just focusing on being grateful for being able to run at all!