Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Report: Flying to Boston

I am fastidiously punctual in all areas of life…except when it comes to flying. Then I’m late. Late late late. For some reason I always cut it way too close. Case in point: Saturday morning saw me running down 19th street - backpack on and purse in hand - towards the Farragut Metro Station in an attempt to catch an earlier train to make my flight. That time it worked, with just a couple minutes to spare I bought coffee and a muffin and was soon sitting on a chair in the sky flying to Boston.

This morning I was not so lucky. Similar situation – I left just a tad too late to get to the airport. And then the shuttle bus broke down. GAH. Are you freaking kidding me??? The bus driver wouldn’t let us off mid-street (yes, I was prepared to run along the highway to make my flight), so I had to sit and wait (my least favorite thing ever) as the minutes to my flight tick-tick-ticked away, and were gone. Another bus finally came to pick us up and drive us the 5 minutes to the terminal. 

I missed my flight, had to go standby on the next one, and of course arrived egregiously late to work. Why do I do this to myself? Why does flying always need to involve the panic and anxiety that running late gives me? (Answer: It doesn’t. I should just leave earlier. I know.)

Anyway, transportation tardiness aside, I had a fantastic and all-too-short weekend in Boston. My mama was graduating from a nursing program, so I went to play “proud parent” – I clapped, snapped pictures, and chit-chatted with people at the reception. Yay for Mama! 

And of course I crammed all-things-Boston into an afternoon. Mama and I walked through the city: Haymarket, the North End, the Commons, Newbury and Boylston Streets. It was surprisingly springy for March in Massachusetts, but you could still ice skate on the Frog Pond.

I stayed chez Jess, and on Saturday night we went out near Fenway with Erin and met up with my ski team friends. It was like Costa Rica all over again…minus the infinity pool…basically these kids can make a good time out of anything!

Sunday morning I did my favorite Boston run: “Marky Mark” (named for Mark Whahlberg’s house along the route). Then, in true Jess and Zac fashion, we went to Indian buffet in Jamaica Plains. Best Indian buffet EVER. Yummmmmm! Naan and curry and tandori and rice and daal. Soooo good! The rest of the day was graduation, followed by lazing around on Jess’ couch. Awwwww Boston! Always a good time...and isn't it pretty?