Friday, March 18, 2011

Best of the Week #12

Sorry for the no-post Thursday. I’m back. I’m alive. And I’m bringing you the Best of the Week!
The most popular post on Eat Run Read this week was Banana Nut Nutella Cinnamon Rolls.

Last Friday I gave you facts on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The top 3 stories in the NYT today are about the potential nuclear reactor crisis in Japan; however, this article reminds us, “in the United States and European Union, what’s happening at the power plant is receiving more attention, and generating more anxiety, than thousands of innocents crushed or drowned.” It goes on to describe the actual and imagined dangers of nuclear power…an interesting perspective on how it’s easy to create buzz and fear with cinematic images, even though the real danger can come from things less visible. (source)

A team of NatGeo engineers and scientists launched a 16' X 16' X 18' tall house into the air using 300, 8', multi colored weather balloons! (source)

This clever/semi-ridiculous idea amused me. An NPR blogger is trying to make Americans aware that less than 1% of our budget goes to foreign aid, “I've shamelessly done my part by working Charlie Sheen, the federal budget and foreign aid into the same post.” Read the article here

Sometimes we all have this kind of day. Well, “we all” or maybe just me? Maybe someday I'll tell you a funny story about that...(source)

I wouldn't buy a banana no matter what, but this is just too absurd! Del Monte, who posted a nearly 10 million dollar fourth-quarter loss, sending the stock tumbling, has decided to package and sell individual bananas for $1 each in a Del Monte Banana Plastic Wrap, marketed under the slogan “Natural Energy Snack on the Go”. (source)

Need some running inspiration? Check out 95-year-old Ida Keeling setting a world record in the 60 meters, running 29.86 seconds! 

How happy is the place you live? Find out on Gallup's Map of the Nation's Well-Being. DC scored a 69, Boston got a 68, and Petaluma won with 71!

And finally, creative use of food. These pictures always amuse me!

Have a wonderful weekend!