Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Capitol Hill 5-Miler

A new neighborhood means new runs. My go-to Dupont area loops are no longer feasible, so I’m working on building a new Capitol Hill repertoire of routes. The National Mall is an obvious option, but I do enjoy some variety in my workouts, plus I don’t always want to end my runs up that famous hill. 

View on MapMyRun.

Here is my newest 5-miler, a simple loop-ish around the neighborhood. Since it's entirely on residential streets, this route is best early in the morning or at other non-trafficky times. Though it does avoid major streets and intersections. Also, totally flat -- the way I like my runs when I'm just starting again. (Guess who’s kinda sorta running again just a little bit sometimes? THIS GIRL!)

MapMyRun just upgraded and now partners with Google Earth. If you go to the site, click “View 3D Video of this Map” on the bottom right. I promise it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

*For the record, SpeedyKate would like to add that this is NOT a pretty route. It is actually quite ugly. (Early-morning-Mollie does not note these things...)