Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Report: South Pacific at Wolftrap and Grilling

What a wonderful June weekend. Friday night’s patio plans were slightly stymied by an unexpectedly disruptive storm (Trees down! Tornado warnings! Welcome to summer on the East Coast!), but friends and food and my living room floor sufficed.

Saturday afternoon, SpeedyKate and I basked in the glory of truly beautiful weather at Wolftrap, this super cool national park/6,800-seat indoor/outdoor theater in Virginia. We saw South Pacific from the lawn seats and it was sooo nice (listen along with this blog post). It reminded me of Shakespeare on Lake Tahoe that my family goes to every summer: nice weather, a hill, people with picnic baskets, blankets, and beach chairs on all sides. Wolftrap’s summer lineup looks pretty awesome – we will definitely be returning.

We returned home around 6, and went for our first roommates run! Three miles around the neighborhood were quite nice, though we accidentally stumbled upon an El Salvadorian soccer game letting out of RFK Stadium. Soccer fans are CRAZY. Next time we won’t run through that mess in only sports bras…

Sunday was equally glorious. Per usual, I visited my refugees in the morning. We practiced vocab via Scategories and they loved it! (I teach them English -- my only true qualification being that I speak English -- but so far it seems to be working quite well.)

In the afternoon, Nikki and I made our way out to Alexandria to attend a bar-b-q hosted by some other BUSkiers. As expected, it was delicious: chicken kebabs and corn on the cob and lots of fruit salad. Thanks to these friends, I will forever think of grilling and skiing together - AJ used to bring a grill onto the ski hill with us. Mid-race-day burgers anyone? Yes please. I made a variation on these cookies (recipe tomorrow). 

The guest list was a mix of rock climbers and foreign policy people. I got into a deep discussion about the LRA and US policy with people who were informed and interested! Aaahhh how I love DC.

And that, my friends, was that. Hope you had a good weekend too!