Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Report: Hiking and Chris Visits DC!

I have been having exceptionally awesome weekends recently. On Saturday I hiked Old Rag. This is the third time I’ve done this hike (read about #1 and #2). It's been a slightly different experience each time, but the views and rock scrambles (sidenote: LOVE) stay the same so it was, yet again, a win. This was my most summery Old Rag hike – escaping the heat of DC is always a good thing, though hiking when it’s above 80 degrees presents its own set of challenges (well “challenges” might be a bit of an over-statement. Basically, we were sweaty.) 

We got a late start and didn’t begin hiking until close to 1 pm. It was pretty hot as we made our way up the mountain, but by the time we peaked at 3ish there was a nice breeze, and when we finished at 5 it felt like a pleasant summer afternoon.  

Shenandoah is a bit of a trek, so I didn’t get home until 8pm. Though I was tempted to stay in couching with SpeedyKate (have we discussed couching? It’s a verb – just go with it), I had to quick-shower and hop on a bus because my super-awesome friend from college Chris, whom you may recall from Amy’s wedding, was stopping in DC on his way to a new job in Nashville!!! (Weekend soundtrack.) (I'm sorry.)

After quite the Saturday night in Dupont (Capital Pride!), we had an aggressively relaxing Sunday. We went to brunch at Open City. Their coffee is delicious (same as Tryst), but they don’t do refills which is a bit less than ideal. But ummm hello Bacon and Blue Omelet. I might love you. 
(Yes, this is instagrammed. No, I did not do it.)

After brunch we did some serious pool lounging at our friend’s apartment. It was kind of glorious. 

We had planned to run around the Monuments in the evening, but after Mexican dinner at Cactus that was definitely not happening, so instead we drove down and parked to say hello to Abe and MLK and I shared my extensive Korean War Memorial knowledge

I really think that no matter how long I live in DC the Monuments at night will never get old. And now it looks like I'll have to start planning a trip to Nashville...on a scale from one to excited, I'm pretty sure you can guess where I stand!