Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Report: Summertime

I spent the entire weekend outside and it was wonderful. DC gifted us with absolutely glorious weather – 70s, sunny, no humidity – which means three things: stoop-time, pool-time, and summertime.

Friday and Saturday nights I had friends over to hang out on our front steps, one of the very best features of SpeedyKate’s and my apartment. We sat and watched the world go by for hours while listening to music and chatting with our neighbors.
Like the friend-feeding hostess I am, I made some fantastic food to accompany our stoop-time. Whole wheat pizza (this crust, I did half whole wheat flour), with my Garlic Scape Walnut Pesto sauce, cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, and turkey sausage. I’m pretty sure there is nothing in this world that smells more summery and glorious than basil and garlic in my blender…
I originally planned to go rock climbing at Great Falls early Saturday morning, but the universe conspired against me so I ended up staying in DC, suddenly surprised by a plan-less day.

But it was sunny and perfect and walking around in my shorts and tank-top felt all kinds of awesome, so I texted LLC  –  an exchange I feel the need to share with you:
Me (9:21am): No climbing for me today - so let's do things?
LLC (9:29am): What are you thinking? Call me maybe?
(I was unreasonably amused to say the least.)

Anywho, we decided to use a coupon we’d long ago purchased for Indian buffet (aka my hobby). We went to Rasoi on K and 19th, which has a brunch buffet from 12-3 on weekends. I love Indian food. A lot. All of the things, in large quantities. I wish I could tell you what’s on this plate, but really just assume Indian awesomeness and call it a day. 
After brunch we made the dubious decision to go to the pool (bikinis after a buffet…it was a choice that we made…). The pool was packed – Francis Pool in Foggy Bottom is definitely my favorite people-watching scene.
It is so much my favorite that I did the exact same thing on Sunday afternoon! This time it was 6x6, SpeedyKate, and I. We did an hour of pool running (sooo much better when outside with friends), then lounged and read and napped.

Happy summertime to you all!