Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I’m Biking…And Surprisingly Not Cranky About It

Yup, that post title pretty much sums things up – in the past six weeks I’ve run a grand total of 21 miles, accompanied by lovely training log entries such as “BAD,” “FAIL,” “BAD STOP.” (I’m not even kidding. Me = yelling at myself via the sidebar of my blog?)

BUT I’m not upset or stressed or anxious about not running because I will run eventually when it feels good again, and until then I just can’t bring myself to deal. I’m not saying this is the BEST way to handle the situation…but it’s the one I’m going with.

And biking outside really isn’t bad! It’s actually pretty fun. I go every other day and do anywhere from 20 to 40 miles. I’ve biked to Mt. Vernon, Alexandria, Bethesda, and loops around Haines Point.

My Monday night ride. See it on MapMyRun.
I always bike in large-ish quantities because when I was in junior high and had recently started running, I asked my parents about the biking equivalents of running mileage.  They told me it was “about five to one,” meaning that five miles on a bike equal one mile of running. So a 20-mile bike ride is just a four-mile run. Bikers out there – is this true? What do you think???

Anywho, I think part of the fun is that for me, biking is temporary...if my workout life were an episode of Friends, this would be the one where Rachel and Ross take a break and Ross sleeps with the copy girl.

Yes. Ok. Let me clarify: in this bizarre metaphor that I came up with while biking across George Mason Bridge at 6:20 this morning, I am Ross, running is Rachel, and biking is the copy girl. Long story short – taking a biking break from running is fun for a bit. (But let’s not take this metaphor to the next Friends level where Ross sleeping with the copy girl ruins everything for too long until the last season when they finally get back together.) (Ok too much. I’ll stop now.)

Anyone in DC want to bike with me?


  1. I will ride with you! Especially if you bake me a cake. :) And I can't talk tv shows since I only watch Person of Interest. Did you see the one where Finch got high on Ecstasy??

  2. More like 4:1 if steady riding, not coasting, unless steep downhill. Personally, if always on the anerobic threshold(heavy, but rhythmic-breathing), I rate cycling:running 3:1 in workload mileage. Love cycling for the muscle effects, without the joint pain from the pounding of running. You still have to be mindful of taking shorter, easier cycling recovery days, as in running. Also, cycling doesn't emphasize calf fitness, unless you're "ankle-flexing" and doing hilly, out-of-saddle biking. Enjoy! Dad

  3. Ya, I agree with the above. It's about 5:1/4:1. That said, like running workouts, you should schedule in some different sessions. As a triathlete I do about 3-4 bike sessions per week. All w/ a purpose just like running. If you want some rec's: try some interval training (i.e. 2 minutes all out, 3-4 minute easy spin, repeat for one hour). Or one of my fav's is 25-30 minutes heavy, heavy gear, followed by 5 min easy spin then repeat. There's a group ride on Tuesday nights in Arlington you should check out. Tons of people and a great workout. Lots of different things to do on the bike besides just going long :).

  4. Thanks for the tips! Ultrarunnergirl, I've never even heard of Person of Interest. Lol biking in exchange for cake? That could be a tricky hand-off...

    Thanks ConArtist for the biking workouts! I've done plenty of bike intervals on a stationary bike, but never really outside. I'll look into the Arlington bike group though!

  5. I still need to test my knee on the bike to see if it aggravates it. I agree, when I did bike ride 4:1, which was why I always thought I would DIE if I couldn't run, you have to bike for HOURS!!! :)

    So yes, Hope you are back with Rachel soon, before she starts to give Joey all her favors and forget about you!

  6. Indoor training is awesome! (although not as fun) but that's why they call it the pain cave lol. I'm sure as a good runner it can be frustrating to cross train but biking can really help keep up your fitness. It sounds like you love training outdoors, but I gotta say, my best workouts are almost ALWAYS done inside.