Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Report: Moving In!

I am happy to report that Operation M.O.V.E. was a resounding success.

On Saturday morning LLC’s bus rolled up at 7:45 am and I greeted her with a large cup of coffee and an apartment full of boxes, bags, and uncategorized miscellaneous stuff. The weather was perfect and I wore my happiest outfit (shorts made out of chicken-printed African fabric) to deflect any drama. It worked!

I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that by 11:15 am we’d taken two trips across the city and one to a clothing donation box, and by 11:40 we were happily nestled into a corner of Le Pain Quotidian, enjoying celebratory omelets, bread (umm hello praline spread) and more coffee with my new roommate (!) SpeedyKate. If there were such thing as moving goddesses, we would be them.

Next stop was FedEx to pick up our new rug (shipped by SpeedyKate's parents). Judging by all the laughs and comments we got, the three of us looked ridiculous walking like a rug-carrying train down the street to take the 10-foot 60-lb roll of Turkish prettiness home. And the day didn’t end there – next SpeedyKate and I drove out to Ikea to get pictureframes and household odds and ends (moral of that story: I am NOT good at navigating via phone app).

After such a looonnnggg and productive day, we were rewarded with an amazing dinner for food bloggers sponsored by Chobani Greek Yogurt at The Federalist. That extreme deliciousness merits its own post - I promise more details tomorrow.  But for now, Gretchen posted first - look how pretty her picture is! (AND how delish that soup looks!)

A Mollie in motion remains in motion, so Sunday I continued to do things (so many verbs this weekend!). In the morning I went to see my refugees in Silver Spring for some long-overdue English tutoring (Scatagories = best ESL game ever!).

When I returned to the District, I embraced my new neighborhood -  I met up with LOTR-Emily and friends for coffee, then I went to my new incredibly close neighborhood pool for a workout.

An hour of pool running alone reminded me that 1) I am out of shape for that level of boredom, but 2) I feel soooo much more human after exercising.

The day ended with some serious unpacking. Right now I’d say that the kitchen looks great, the library is awesome, the living room is in progress, and my room is terrifying. So far, so good!