Friday, May 18, 2012

Best of the Week #59

A glorious Friday to you all! I have super-awesome weekend plans that include baseball, grilling, camping, rock climbing, and hiking. (Yes, all that this weekend.) When I return to you Monday I will likely be tired, sunburned, and sore – all in the best way possible.

Going to Shenandoah again! YAY!

In other news, last night I embarked on my first baking venture in my new apartment. Turns out my oven is bigger than I originally thought (weirdly deep…but hey that’s a good thing), and it was a success!

Thanks to Pinterest, my most popular post this week was The Best Pool Running/Aqua-Jogging Workouts. (I did a modified version of the "Steady Interval" one this morning.)

And now for your Best of the Week links!

I love elephants and this project is bizarre but cool. (I knew these existed for toads, but elephants are a lot bigger!) “Elephant Underpass Reuniting Kenya Herds.”

I spent four years in Massachusetts and had no idea how awesome it was! (source)
  • Massachusetts students rank fifth in the world in reading, lapping Singapore and Japan, and needless to say, every state in the union. In math, Massachusetts slots in a global ninth, ahead of Japan and Germany. 
  • A few other metrics of social well-being: The Bay State has the second-lowest teen birth rate, the fourth-lowest suicide rate, and the lowest traffic fatality rate. The birthplace of Dunkin’ Donuts has the sixth-lowest obesity rate. And depending on the source, the first state to legalize gay marriage has either the lowest or one of the very lowest divorce rates in the country.
This image from SUAR. I totally agree.

I just love this title: "27 ways to be an (even) better person & practically levitate with awesomery."
  • 16. Stop calling people ‘retarded,’ when you mean ‘dim-witted.’ And if you slip up once or twice, express profound remorse. Thrice in one evening? Slap yourself across the face. Grandly & forcefully.
  • 22. Keep it classy.
  • 24. Make no secret of your disappointment, if indeed you have been gravely disappointed. But create a ‘teachable moment’ out of your distaste. Be vocal, and constructive.
If only I were crafty, I'd make one of these out of plastic spoons.

In work news, I realize this subject (Sudan and South Sudan's committment to their agreements) is incredibly uninteresting to most people...but at least appreciate the beautifully color-coded timeline infographic I made! (Read more here.)

My CSA (Community Supported Agriculture - i.e. we get a share of veggies every week) is about to start and for the first few weeks LOTR-Emily (my partner in vegetables) is away, so I’ll have A LOT of veggies all to myself. I do love pickles…maybe I’ll try pickling things: “Tips on Pickling, Canning & Preserving This Year’s CSA Haul

And while we’re on the subject of veggies, here are “5 Steps to Freezer Success.”

Speaking of food and success, so far today is a “success," but we’ll see how long that lasts..

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!