Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Parents Visiting and Dinner at Eatonville

It’s already Wednesday! 

I feel like a juggler – I had a couple scarves, a few balls, and two bowling pins going  – then someone threw in knife or two so I had to strategically decide which things to keep in the air, which means I kinda dropped the blogging ball this week…

The big news is that my parents are visiting! This is my dad’s first trip to DC, so they’re touristing it up while I go to work.

Notable events so far include a parental dinner at Eatonville with the usual suspects (6x6, LLC, LOTR-Emily, and SpeedyKate) on Monday night. 

It was delicious – especially the Blackened Sea Scallops (fingerling potatoes, wilted spinach, roasted baby beets, saffron coconut cream) and the Catfish & Grits (jalapeno-gruyere grits, cider-braised collard greens, tomato butter) – yummm

And for dessert, don’t let them sell you on the Coconut Cake – the Pear Cobbler and Pecan Oatmeal Pie are much better!

Then yesterday, after the worst work day ever, I met up with my parents for the Millennium Stage show at the Kenney Center. It was a Marvin Gaye tribute (What's Going On...NOW!) that was mostly spoken word poetry by the DC Slam Team, but also some freaking awesome tap dancing (watch the video starting at 41:30). 

The show overall was pretty meh (though very impressive if you consider that they're students), but the best part was when they played this song, which I can’t hear without getting up to dance like it’s 1993 and we’re having a Got to Give It Up dance party in the living room with my dad’s record player…

You're welcome.