Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Moving is Hard...

I'm moving to a new apartment across the city. My current apartment looks like Hurricane Mollie just struck and I am dubiously optimistic about Operation M.O.V.E.'s potential for success this Saturday. LLC (the more calm/stable half of the Operation) claims to be pumped, but that may be because she hasn't yet seen the massive pile of things that I own...Bear with me here, this is a bit of a rant.

Why Moving is Hard...

  • PhysicallyLLC and I will be hefting boxes for who knows how long on Saturday morning. Things that are heavy and I have too many of: books. 
  • Creatively – I have to decorate??? What do I buy? Where does it go? I realize some people like this. I do not. 
  • Financially – A mattress costs what? Do I have to? (Yes.)
  • Timewise – I spent 4 hours sitting on the floor of an unfurnished apartment Wednesday morning with no internet waiting for the gas man to come. Their scheduling window is 7am-12. Blerg.
  • Emotionally – Leaving a home is sad. It just is. It’s becoming more and more real to me that the place I’ve called home for 3 years won’t be ever again. Like, this isn’t a temporary vacation, it’s for permanent.
  • Logistically – Borrow a car. Schedule movers. Coordinate times friends are willing/able to help.

How about this? Let’s just cue the moving montage with some upbeat music and call it a day? #Iwish

And I’m only moving to a new neighborhood!!! (I fully realize this could be so so SOOO much worse and that I am a super-whinypants.) Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll blog about why moving is awesome? Let’s hope…